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joule biotechnologies n/a n/a 97 92.7 +10.6 +1 30 11
sunrun n/a n/a 92 92.2 +10.1 +1 30 6
sunedison n/a 75 84 92.2 +10.1 +1 66 13
a123 systems 88 88 91 91.5 +9.4 +1 84 22
dte energy n/a 92 91 91.0 +8.9 +1 32 7
enel n/a n/a 91 90.9 +8.8 +1 59 11
ldk solar n/a n/a 91 90.9 +8.8 +1 42 10
enernoc n/a n/a 91 90.9 +8.8 +1 32 7
first solar n/a 89 85 90.6 +8.5 +1 140 44
edf n/a n/a 92 90.4 +8.3 +0 64 15
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PG&E is more than involved in the community. We are part of the community. Whether we're providing renewable-energy alternatives to underserved neighborhoods or our dedicated employees are lending a helping hand to build new homes, PG&E is there making a difference.

tags: utilities, electricity, natural gas, utilties

duke energy


At Duke Energy, giving back to the community is an important part of our corporate culture. It is because of our commitment to serve the communities in which we live and work that our employees and retirees give of their time and money to make our communities better.

tags: utilities, electricity, natural gas, energy



The globalization of energy markets, the world's growing demand for energy and the effects of these on our climate, energy prices and supply are challenging E.ON in more than just the business sense. At the same time, society is posing new questions and there are growing expectations for the energy industry to provide convincing answers. We take this very seriously as a company and aim to il...

tags: utilities

xcel energy


At Xcel Energy, we provide critical energy services to communities in eight Midwestern and Western states. Natural gas and electricity are fundamental to our customers' lives and livelihood. The demand for electricity continues to grow, and it is important to meet our customers' needs in sustainable ways. To accomplish this, we use the Triple Bottom Line approach as our guideline: acting...

tags: utilities, electricity, natural gas, energy

southern california edison


Community. In it we find the potential for human excellence. That's why Edison International commits resources-both financial and human assistance-to the schools and neighborhoods we serve, and the environment on which we all depend. It's a part of our heritage that helps communities reach excellence.

tags: utilities, gas, electric, electricity

national grid


Our vision is to be the foremost international electricity and gas company, delivering unparalleled safety, efficiency and reliability, vital to the well-being of our customers and communities. We are committed to being an innovative leader in energy management and to safeguarding our global environment for future generations.

tags: utilities, electricity, gas


alternative energy

At SunPower, we see a future where solar power is an essential component of the global energy mix. We work every day to continuously set new standards for solar performance, value, appearance and our customers' experience.

tags: alternative energy, solar cells, solar panels

first solar

alternative energy

Sustainable solar energy solutions and natural resource conservation are at the heart of First Solar's commitment to the environment.

tags: alternative energy, solar energy



RWE is aware of its responsibility to the environment and to society. Sustainable development is both the underpinning and the goal of everything we do. We want to win back through transparency and through our own involvement whatever confidence we have lost. By 2015 at the very latest, we want to rank among the drivers of sustainable development in Europe.

tags: utilities



FPL is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and good neighbor to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

tags: utilities

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World's Most Ethical Companies 2009

From projectlabel.org (verified), May 27, 2009

Mission & Values

Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies ranking provides companies a chance to be recognized for their efforts in ethics and compliance. The winne...

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Xcel Shows It Can Catch The Wind In A Big Battery

From greentechmedia.com (verified), August 8, 2010

Resource Management

Xcel Energy has taken a big step toward the pot of gold at the end of the battery storage of renewable energy rainbow with the successful testing of a battery big enough to store wind power-generated electricity for 500 homes.

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Suncor Energy Releases 2010 Report On Sustainability

From csrwire.com (verified), August 17, 2010

Mission & Values

Suncor Energy Inc. announced today the release of its 2010 Report on Sustainability - a comprehensive review of the company's environmental, social and economic performance for the year. The report, themed "Energy. Innovation. Commitment,&q...

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Joule Closes $30 Million Funding Round To Advance Renewable Solar Fuel Production

From greencarcongress.com (verified), April 27, 2010

Resource Management

Joule Unlimited, a company advancing a process for the direct microbial conversion of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons via engineered organisms, powered by solar energy, has closed of a $30-million second round of funding. The round includes investme...

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New Report Charts Duke Energy's Progress On Sustainability

From csrwire.com (verified), April 20, 2010

Mission & Values, Resource Management

Duke Energy's 2009|2010 Sustainability Report, published today, provides a detailed look at the company's "triple bottom line" -- financial, social and environmental.

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German Energy Giants Announce Plans For First UK Nuclear Reactor

From businessgreen.com (verified), March 30, 2010

Resource Management

The UK's plans for a new fleet of nuclear reactors took a major step forward today when Horizon Nuclear Power, a joint-venture backed by German energy giants E.ON and RWE, confirmed plans to build the UK's first new nuclear reactor in decad...

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THINK City EVs With EnerDel Li-ion Packs Enter Production

From greencarcongress.com (verified), June 16, 2010

Waste Management

THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, has begun production of THINK City EVs equipped with 22 kWh Li-ion battery packs from Ener1 subsidiary EnerDel.

in this article: think global, ener1

FuelCell Energy Inc Gets Green Light For Flagship Campus Project

From businessgreen.com (verified), April 12, 2010

Resource Management

FuelCell Energy, which specialises in large scale fuel cells capable of powering commercial or industrial sites, said that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) had given the go ahead for energy firms Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&...

in this article: fuelcell energy

Amyris Gets $47.8M More For Sugarcane-based Biofuel

From venturebeat.com (verified), April 1, 2010

Resource Management

Amyris Biotechnologies, one of the more successful companies in the emerging biofuels industry, just took another step up, raising $47.8 million from Singapore venture capital firm Temasek Holdings. Relying primarily on sugarcane-based fuel technolog...

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GridPoint Readies Business Plan 3.0: Energy Management Services

From greentechmedia.com (verified), March 31, 2010

Resource Management

The Arlington, Va.-based company -- which has raised over $200 million from investors and says it will achieve revenues of over $100 million this year -- is in the midst of tweaking its business plan once again in an effort to jump into what it (and ...

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