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schneider electric n/a n/a 93 91.6 +9.5 +1 36 4
a123 systems 88 88 91 91.5 +9.4 +1 84 22
agilent technologies n/a 86 90 90.0 +7.9 +0 30 3
albemarle 94 80 84 89.1 +7 +0 30 5
ball corporation 92 89 87 89.1 +7 +0 48 7
3m n/a 89 86 89.0 +6.9 +0 103 27
oerlikon n/a 84 85 88.8 +6.7 +0 45 6
coulomb technologies n/a 88 89 88.7 +6.6 +0 108 21
freescale semiconductors n/a 93 80 88.7 +6.6 +0 53 7
milliken n/a 95 75 88.4 +6.3 +0 35 2
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dow chemical


At Dow, we have always believed that the role of chemistry is to do more good in the world. Seen this way, the work of chemistry suddenly moves from focusing on the basics of business, products and bottom lines, to life itself. In short, we are committed, through chemistry, to the betterment of global humanity. And it is this commitment that drives all of our strategy for growth and profitability...

tags: manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, agricultural



As a science company, DuPont has the experience and expertise to put our science to work in ways that can design in - at the early stages of product development - attributes that help protect or enhance human health, safety and the environment.

tags: manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, rubber, nylon



At Eaton, corporate responsibility is everyone's responsibility. It isn't an isolated initiative or a checklist of activities. It's part of everything we do to achieve outstanding financial, social and environmental performance.

tags: manufacturing, components, transmissions, circuit breakers



Caterpillar strives to meet the responsibilities of global citizenship. We know that sustainable progress is good for business and the world around us. Our employees look for innovative solutions and promote responsible growth around the world.

tags: manufacturing, heavy equipment, construction, agriculture machinery



Cummins recognizes that with its role as a corporate leader comes a responsibility to help improve the communities in which employees work and live. It is a responsibility the Company brings to life through its actions and the activities of its employees.

tags: manufacturing, diversified machinery, engines, filtration, power generation



Integrating social and ecological responsibility into business activities - this is the challenge we set ourselves as "The Chemical Company" and our contribution to sustainable development. The strategic and organizational implementation of sustainability helps us identify risks in an early stage while simultaneously opening up new business areas for BASF.

tags: manufacturing, chemicals, plastics


conglomerates, manufacturing

Hitachi Is Tackling the Basic Issues Faced by Global Society, Aiming to Realize a Sustainable World through Innovation.

tags: conglomerates, manufacturing, industrial machinery, power plants, information systems, electronics, materials


alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing

In the automotive industry and the energy sector as a whole, we are seeing an important paradigm shift. While others work to develop new and competitive technologies, Ener1 is at the forefront of performance and efficiency-harnessing technologies for the automotive industry and beyond.

tags: alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing, lithium-ion batteries



Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do. It is a company-wide commitment to apply our global knowledge and experience to help meet complex economic, environmental and social challenges wherever we do business.

tags: manufacturing, agriculture, crop, livestock

coulomb technologies

car services, clean technology, manufacturing

Coulomb delivers networked charging stations and provides a service that meets the needs of drivers, municipalities, electric utilities and government entities

tags: car services, clean technology, manufacturing, electric vehicle infrastructure

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World's Most Ethical Companies 2009

From projectlabel.org (verified), May 27, 2009

Mission & Values

Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies ranking provides companies a chance to be recognized for their efforts in ethics and compliance. The winne...

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Shell, Cargill Fuel Up Virent With $46M

From earth2tech.com (verified), June 8, 2010

Resource Management

For biofuels to make a dent in the U.S. fuel supply, big oil will have to get on board. Case in point: This morning biofuel startup Virent Energy Systems announced that it has raised $46.4 million from oil giant Shell and agriculture company Cargill.

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Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Receives $10.2M Contract For Concentrated Solar Power Tower With Thermal Storage Technology

From greencarcongress.com (verified), June 6, 2010

Resource Management, Health & Nutrition, Community Impact, Mission & Values

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne received an award of up to $10.2 million from the Department of Energy to design and develop technologies aimed at significantly lowering electricity costs using a Concentrated Solar Power Tower with Thermal Storage (CS...

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Daewoo Targets Boom In Offshore Wind Power

From businessgreen.com (verified), August 25, 2010

Resource Management

South Korean ship building giant Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has announced that it is aiming to generate a third of its sales from wind power by 2020 as global demand for alternative energy continues to climb.

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Vodafone, BT Accused Of Pollution In China

From environmentalleader.com (verified), May 10, 2010

Waste Management

A coalition of 34 Chinese environmental groups accuse global IT companies including Vodafone, BT and 27 others of not doing more to monitor the environmental impact of their manufacturing operations and that they should be held more accountable for p...

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From The Inevitability Dept.: Dow Debuts Solar Shingles

From venturebeat.com (verified), April 13, 2010

Resource Management

Dow Chemical says it is ready for its thin-film solar roofing shingles to go on sale next year — one of the first technologies to make solar panels and roofs one and the same, and a step toward increasing the affordability and physical appeal o...

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Dow Chemical To Showcase Sustainable Solutions At GLOBE 2010 Conference

From csrwire.com (verified), March 15, 2010

Resource Management

The Dow Chemical Company is bringing the power of chemistry to GLOBE 2010, the largest and longest-running international conference and tradeshow dedicated to the business of the environment. This year's event will be held in Vancouver, Canada, ...

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Carrier Cuts Fuel Use, Saves $1 Million

From environmentalleader.com (verified), June 29, 2010

Waste Management

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies, is reducing fuel use and global green house gas emissions following an analysis of its fleet of trucks and cars. With over 3,000 vehicles in North America, Carrier reduced emissions by more than 30 percen...

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THINK City EVs With EnerDel Li-ion Packs Enter Production

From greencarcongress.com (verified), June 16, 2010

Waste Management

THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, has begun production of THINK City EVs equipped with 22 kWh Li-ion battery packs from Ener1 subsidiary EnerDel.

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Polymer Group, Inc. Reports 2009 Sustainability Accomplishments

From csrwire.com (verified), April 27, 2010

Mission & Values, Resource Management

Polymer Group, Inc. (PGI) reported it made significant progress in 2009 toward meeting its long-term sustainability goals, according to its second annual Sustainability Report prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

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