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united natural foods n/a 83 90 89.4 +7.3 +0 47 7
fresh & easy n/a 82 93 89.3 +7.2 +0 47 6
sainsbury n/a 81 84 82.6 +0.5 +0 221 45
food lion n/a n/a 81 82.3 +0.2 +0 38 7
tesco 85 61 84 80.4 -1.7 +0 216 59
wegmans food markets 78 82 81 79.6 -2.5 +0 61 10
whole foods 50 74 80 78.4 -3.7 +0 273 54
publix super markets n/a 88 68 76.3 -5.8 +0 40 6
asda n/a 79 79 76.1 -6 +0 79 12
safeway 0 64 80 73.1 -9 -1 92 17
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whole foods

grocery stores

Community giving at Whole Foods Market is rooted in our belief that corporations, as well as individuals, must be good tenants of the planet. We are intimately connected to the health and economy of each community we serve, and feel it is our responsibility to give back to those communities in meaningful ways. We are committed to donating at least five percent of our annual net profits to charitab...

tags: grocery stores, grocery store, health food store, supermarkets, supermarket, chain, grocer


grocery stores, retail

At Sainsbury's we take a deep interest in the impact of our operations and this is as relevant today as it was in 1869 when we opened our first store to bring good-quality, safe food into the reach of poorer parts of London. Being a responsible retailer is part of our heritage and our customers continue to tell us that social, environmental and ethical concerns should remain at the core of ho...

tags: grocery stores, retail, supermarket, banking, grocery, supermarkets


grocery stores

Our commitments under the Community segment of the Steering Wheel are to be fair, responsible and honest in everything we do and to be a good neighbour. These aims are integrated into the management of our business from decision-making to individual performance appraisals. We measure our success on meeting these challenges.

tags: grocery stores, grocery, groceries, general merchandising, retailers, chain


grocery stores

At Safeway, we take pride in being the neighborhood grocery store for millions of Americans. And we believe that such an important role carries with it a responsibility to become involved and to help build stronger, healthier and happier communities.

tags: grocery stores, retail, grocery, supermarkets


grocery stores

Building a sustainable business means looking at how we impact on the environment and our communities. We do this by taking on the big environmental challenges, by looking after the growers, suppliers and colleagues who help us deliver on our commitments to the planet, and without losing sight of our famously low prices.

tags: grocery stores

wegmans food markets

grocery stores

Being part of community life and setting an example of leadership giving is central to our heritage and operating philosophy. Since 1916, Wegmans has given back to every neighborhood where we do business.

tags: grocery stores

trader joe's

grocery stores, retail

We travel the world in search of interesting, unique, great-tasting foods and beverages. We buy direct from the producer whenever possible. We strip away all the fancy stuff and focus on the important things like natural ingredients and inspiring flavors. We run a pretty lean ship, too - you won't find any corporate jets or fancy offices around here. Heck, our CEO doesn't even have a sec...

tags: grocery stores, retail, supermarket, supermarkets


grocery stores

At the heart of SUPERVALU's charitable giving is the idea that being a good corporate citizen is an ongoing responsibility. By helping to create stronger communities, we enhance the quality of life for our customers and associates. SUPERVALU has a significant presence in dozens of communities and we strive to give to those organizations where we can do the most good.

tags: grocery stores

united natural foods

grocery stores

UNFI has a long-standing commitment and a proactive concern for the environment including a reverence for sustainable agriculture and a deep focus on social responsibility, stewardship of the land and reducing our ecological footprint. Our commitment to these principles is evidenced by the ongoing incorporation of environmentally sustainable practices into present and future business activities.

tags: grocery stores

fresh & easy

grocery stores

We're a neighborhood market, so it only makes sense that we care about our neighbors and our environment.

tags: grocery stores, bakery, deli, general grocery, meat, pharmacy

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Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s To Cut Packaging Carbon Footprint 10% By 2012

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Asda, Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are some of the biggest UK retailers that have voluntarily agreed to reduce the carbon footprint of their grocery packaging by 10 percent by 2012, according to Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Cu...

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Safeway Join’s WM’s Sustainability Consortium

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Safeway has become a founding member of the Sustainability Consortium, the group launched in support of Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Index. The goal of the consortium is to develop guidelines and promote innovations as the supply chain seeks to re...

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Sainsbury’s Faces Prosecution On Excess Packaging Charge

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Waste Management

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is facing prosecution over charges that excess packaging on one of its fresh beef products could cause unnecessary environmental damage.

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