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sempra energy n/a 83 86 86.0 +3.9 +0 81 11
total n/a 86 85 84.6 +2.5 +0 67 13
british gas n/a 83 84 82.9 +0.8 +0 77 10
nicor n/a 78 88 82.3 +0.2 +0 47 9
petrobras n/a 74 75 80.6 -1.5 +0 89 10
hess n/a 90 77 76.1 -6 +0 32 10
valero energy n/a 81 43 74.5 -7.6 +0 42 9
statoil n/a n/a 74 73.6 -8.5 +0 30 3
conocophillips n/a 85 69 66.9 -15.2 -1 37 14
chevron n/a 78 65 64.4 -17.7 -2 178 55
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gas & oil

At BP we define sustainability as the capacity to endure as a group: by renewing assets; creating and delivering better products and services that meet the evolving needs of society; attracting successive generations of employees; contributing to a sustainable environment; and retaining the trust and support of our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

tags: gas & oil, oil, natural gas, alternative fuel


gas & oil

How the world's energy system changes over the next half century will matter a lot to all of us, and to our children and grandchildren even more. Shell is committed to playing its part in building a responsible energy future.

tags: gas & oil, oil, natural gas, petrochemicals

exxon mobil

gas & oil

ExxonMobil's primary role-and most important benefit to society-is to safely provide reliable and affordable supplies of energy to people around the world. Doing this well is essential to improving standards of living, and we are committed to doing so in a financially, environmentally, and socially responsible manner.

tags: gas & oil, oil, gas, fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals


gas & oil

Our mission is to find and produce the energy the world needs today and tomorrow in a way that is consistent with our values. Meeting the world's demand for energy takes ingenuity, performance and partnership. At Chevron, the combined efforts of our 59,000 employees around the world help economies grow and create a sustainable future. Continued progress toward this goal will require new level...

tags: gas & oil, oil, gasoline, mining, petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, fuel


gas & oil

Social Responsibility is one of the pillars of the Company's performance, alongside integrated growth and profitability. In the 2020 Strategic plan and in its attributes of Vision, specific management challenges have been traced in Social Responsibility.

tags: gas & oil

sempra energy

gas & oil

Sempra Energy knows our role as a corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work, as well as in our global community. We believe that giving back is not only good business, it's also the right thing to do.

tags: gas & oil

british gas

gas & oil

BG Group's aim is to create outstanding and durable value for its shareholders. The Group's statement of Business Principles sets out the core values and behaviours that we believe are essential elements of sustainable value creation.

tags: gas & oil


gas & oil

We strive to tap the vast wealth of cultures, experience and expertise available across the Group and are committed to satisfying the personal development goals of our employees, who drive our growth. That's why our human resources policy is focused on diversity, fairness, mobility and responsibility.

tags: gas & oil


gas & oil

Nicor is proud of our commitment to the communities we serve.

tags: gas & oil, natural gas distribution

valero energy

gas & oil

Community involvement is an integral part of Valero's corporate culture - from its organized Valero Volunteer Councils to its financial support of countless community organizations. This commitment dates back to Valero's beginnings when the company's top management made community involvement a key part of its mission statement. Through its community work over the years, Valero has t...

tags: gas & oil, petrochemical

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World's Most Ethical Companies 2009

From projectlabel.org (verified), May 27, 2009

Mission & Values

Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies ranking provides companies a chance to be recognized for their efforts in ethics and compliance. The winne...

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Shell, Cargill Fuel Up Virent With $46M

From earth2tech.com (verified), June 8, 2010

Resource Management

For biofuels to make a dent in the U.S. fuel supply, big oil will have to get on board. Case in point: This morning biofuel startup Virent Energy Systems announced that it has raised $46.4 million from oil giant Shell and agriculture company Cargill.

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Shell Researchers Develop New Generation Of Lignocellulose-based Biofuels Derived From GVL

From greencarcongress.com (verified), May 11, 2010

Resource Management

Researchers at Shell have developed what they are calling a new generation of biofuels based on the hydrogenation of γ-valerolactone (GVL)—an intermediate produced from biomass-derived carbohydrates—to valeric acid and its subsequen...

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Petrobras Launches Two Palm Oil Projects; Biodiesel In State Of Pará, Renewable Diesel With Galp In Portugal

From greencarcongress.com (verified), May 6, 2010

Resource Management

Brazil’s Petrobras is launching two projects to produce biofuels from palm oil (dendê) in Tomé-Açu (state of Pará): a Petrobras-owned biodiesel plant (the Biodiesel Pará project), and a project to produce renew...

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BP Whets Appetite For Alternative Energy Investment Bonanza

From businessgreen.com (verified), April 14, 2010

Resource Management

Oil giant BP is preparing to invest more than $1bn (£648m) in alternative energy projects this year as it looks to accelerate efforts to diversify its operations.

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Nippon Oil And Partners Plan To Mass-Produce Renewable Jet Fuel From Algae

From greencarcongress.com (verified), March 7, 2010

Resource Management

The Nikkei reports that Nippon Oil Corp. and its partners plan to develop technology for mass-producing renewable jet fuel derived from Euglena, a single-celled freshwater alga, within five years.

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BP Closing Maryland Solar Manufacturing Plant

From washingtonpost.com (verified), March 29, 2010

Resource Management

BP will close its solar-panel manufacturing plant in Frederick, the final step in moving its solar business out of the United States to facilities in China, India and other countries.

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BP Oil Threatens Endangered Whales

From convio.net (unverified), August 25, 2010

Animal Treatment

BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster happened in prime sperm whale habitat. In fact, it couldn’t have really been in a worse spot, as sperm whales feed in the very canyon that millions of barrels of oil gushed into this summer. A dead juvenile...

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British Gas Beefs Up Smart Meter Clout With AlertMe Investment

From businessgreen.com (verified), October 7, 2010

Resource Management

Smart meter specialist AlertMe announced today that British Gas has joined its latest £15m funding round and has signed a commercial deal with the company worth over £20m that will see it provide the energy giant's customers with its...

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Sempra Energy Pegged As Smart Grid Leader

From environmentalleader.com (verified), August 3, 2010

Resource Management

For the second straight year, Sempra Energy’s San Diego Gas & Electric is the most intelligent utility in America, according to the annual UtiliQ survey of U.S. electric utilities. ARRA funding is cited as source of significant impact on sm...

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