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fannie mae

credit services

At Fannie Mae, we believe that our corporate giving should further our mission of working with our partners so that they can help more families achieve homeownership and affordable rental housing. We believe that employee involvement, volunteerism and the development of future leaders in the field are integral parts of investing in communities. And we believe that by joining corporate giving wit...

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freddie mac

credit services

As the Washington DC region's largest corporate giver, Freddie Mac, along with the Freddie Mac Foundation has, to date, invested more than $348 million to make a difference in people's lives. However, our corporate citizenship efforts not only include philanthropy, but also a wide variety of community, housing, diversity and volunteerism programs. In addition, we best demonstrate our com...

tags: credit services, financial services, home loans, mortgages


credit services, professional services

Community involvement is an important cornerstone of our Experian culture. Our company is dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities, and we are proud to support more than 100 organizations every year through both volunteer efforts and donations. We look forward to being a good neighbor for many more years to come.

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From businesswire.com (unverified), May 9, 2010

Resource Management

Source 44 LLC, the nation’s first and only provider of supply chain sustainability Footprint Data Sheet (FDS)™ subscription services, has announced the signing of an exclusive multi-year service agreement with Eddie Bauer LLC.

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GridPoint Readies Business Plan 3.0: Energy Management Services

From greentechmedia.com (verified), March 31, 2010

Resource Management

The Arlington, Va.-based company -- which has raised over $200 million from investors and says it will achieve revenues of over $100 million this year -- is in the midst of tweaking its business plan once again in an effort to jump into what it (and ...

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Constellation Energy Completes Solar And Wind Installation For University Of Toledo

From businesswire.com (unverified), March 31, 2010

Resource Management

Constellation Energy (NYSE:CEG) today announced that its subsidiary, Constellation Energy’s Projects & Services Group, has completed installation of a 1.2 megawatt solar and wind power system at the University of Toledo’s Scott Park C...

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British Gas Beefs Up Smart Meter Clout With AlertMe Investment

From businessgreen.com (verified), October 7, 2010

Resource Management

Smart meter specialist AlertMe announced today that British Gas has joined its latest £15m funding round and has signed a commercial deal with the company worth over £20m that will see it provide the energy giant's customers with its...

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GE Licenses Light Technology From Rambus And Johnson Control Is Upbeat On Retrofits

From greentechmedia.com (verified), June 28, 2010

Resource Management

General Electric today said that it has signed a broad technology licensing agreement with Rambus in an effort to create a flat LED light. The company provides engineering and construction services. Johnson Controls will retrofit buildings to lower u...

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OfficeMax Launches New Reusable Shipping Bin Program

From officemax.com (unverified), March 25, 2010

Resource Management

OfficeMax(R)(NYSE: OMX), a leader in office products and services, announced today that it is launching a Reusable Shipping Bin Program designed to help its contract business customers reduce corrugated waste by using OfficeMax's durable, reusab...

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T-Mobile Cell Site Now Powered By The Sun

From gigaom.com (verified), September 16, 2010

Resource Management

T-Mobile is hoping the sun is shining down on one of its cell towers in Chalfont, Penn. That’s because the gear is T-Mobile’s first solar-powered cell site in the U.S., and enables T-Mobile to tap into the sun to power a selection of gear...

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GE Snaps Up Opal Software For The Smart Grid

From gigaom.com (verified), October 14, 2010

Resource Management

GE is stretching out further along the network of the smart grid. This morning, GE said it has acquired Australian company Opal Software, which makes software and services for smart grid network testing and management. Terms of the deal were not disc...

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Yahoo! Commemorates The 20th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act

From csrwire.com (verified), July 27, 2010

Community Impact, Mission & Values

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Yahoo! is commemorating this milestone and its commitment to providing accessible websites, services, and advertisements to people of all abilities. In addition to mak...

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Fannie And Freddie Are Sued In California

From nytimes.com (verified), July 14, 2010

Mission & Values

The California attorney general’s office on Wednesday sued Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over actions by the mortgage finance companies that have derailed a popular financing program that allows homeowners to pay for energy efficiency improvements...

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