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kao n/a 97 75 92.3 +10.2 +1 38 3
aveda n/a 94 85 87.4 +5.3 +0 34 10
hennes & mauritz 75 92 85 87.1 +5 +0 37 7
boots n/a 82 88 85.7 +3.6 +0 32 3
avon n/a 89 82 84.6 +2.5 +0 35 6
l'oreal 82 81 89 82.5 +0.4 +0 101 29
virgin group 71 77 85 81.8 -0.3 +0 53 21

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As part of our mission to give back to women and support women's health initiatives, L'Oreal Paris is committed to fight against ovarian cancer.

tags: cosmetics

virgin group


Today's heightened interest in the role of business in society has partly been prompted by increased sensitivity to and awareness of environmental and ethical issues. Issues such as environmental damage and the improper treatment of workers have been highlighted in the media and the pressure on business to play a role in social and environmental issues is bound to grow. At Virgin we share our...

tags: conglomerates, conglomerate, beverages, airlines, trains, games, financial services, internet, cable tv, music, radio, cosmetics, jewelery, retail, mobile phones


cleaning, cosmetics, personal care

Kao's mission is "to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally". In carrying out this mission, Kao strives to globally promote CSR activities and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of society.

tags: cleaning, cosmetics, personal care, fabric, home care, feminine hygiene, chemicals, cleaning products

hennes & mauritz

casualwear, cosmetics

H&M's business concept is to offer our customers fashion and quality at the best price. At H&M, quality is about more than making sure that our products meet or exceed our customers' expectations. It also means that they have to be manufactured under good conditions and that our customers must be satisfied with us as a company. Taking responsibility for how our operations affect ...

tags: casualwear, cosmetics, fashion


cosmetics, toys

Since 1886, Avon has lived by principles set forth by our founder, David H. McConnell. They are not rules or procedures. They are the values and the ethics of Avon. They are what this company believes in. Paramount among Avon's principles is to meet fully the obligations of corporate citizenship by contributing to the well-being of society, and the environment in which it functions.

tags: cosmetics, toys, perfume, clothing


cosmetics, personal care

Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility- not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

tags: cosmetics, personal care, skin care, perfume, hair care



We are committed to maintaining our tradition of excellence in corporate social responsibility, both in terms of performance and reporting. Our corporate social responsibility strategy is clear and well understood. The necessary systems and structures are in place and operating efficiently. Most important of all, our people are committed to playing their part in building a sustainable group.

tags: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, beauty, skin care, hair care, creams, soap

estee lauder


The Estee Lauder Companies recognizes our responsibility to the contributing members of the communities in which we work and live. We continually demonstrate this citizenship in many ways and on many levels: as a Company, through our brands, in our affiliate offices around the world, at our local facilities, as corporate departments and as individuals.

tags: cosmetics, perfumes, skin, hair care



We are committed to conduct business and ourselves with impeccable moral and corporate ethics

tags: cosmetics, perfume, toiletries

natura cosmetico


To Natura, responsible management can be described as: 1. Establishing high quality relations with all publics based on ethics, transparency and open communication channels. 2. Defining business targets compatible with sustainable development.

tags: cosmetics, fragrances, personal hygiene, skincare

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Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies ranking provides companies a chance to be recognized for their efforts in ethics and compliance. The winne...

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Asda, Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are some of the biggest UK retailers that have voluntarily agreed to reduce the carbon footprint of their grocery packaging by 10 percent by 2012, according to Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Cu...

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DuPont: Beyond Petroleum

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DuPont’s Hytrel, a thermoplastic elastomer (basically a rubbery plastic) made from plants, is used instead of oil-based materials in some Salomon ski boots and in automobile components. Zemea, a 100 percent renewably-sourced glycol from DuPont,...

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H&M To Launch Eco Fashion Line

From earth911.com (verified), March 23, 2010

Resource Management

Clothing retailer H&M will launch its Garden Collection on March 25. It will be the first time the Swedish company has used 100 percent sustainable materials in its clothing, after pledging to increase its use of organic products to 50 percent ea...

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Avon Launches Hello Green Tomorrow In More Than 65 Countries: A Global Women's Environmental Movement To Nurture Nature

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Avon Products Inc. today announced the launch of a global environmental mobilization in more than 65 countries and a $1 million contribution to The Nature Conservancy to launch the new Hello Green Tomorrow initiative, a unique globally coordinated gr...

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Brand Emissions Leaders

From projectlabel.org (verified), November 25, 2009

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The Brand Emissions Leaders Project aims to provide an annual rating of the carbon performance of the leading brands operating in the UK. In 2009, it ...

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Avon Hello Green Tomorrow Reforestation Campaign Plants Nearly 2,000,000 Trees In South America's Atlantic Rainforest

From csrwire.com (verified), June 4, 2010

Resource Management

In recognition of UN World Environment Day, Avon Products Inc. (NYSE: AVP) today announced that it will plant two million trees to restore the Atlantic Rainforest in South America, one of the most critically endangered ecosystems in the world.

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On-Pack Recycling Label Members

From projectlabel.org (verified), November 18, 2009

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OPRL's aim is to deliver a simpler, UK-wide, consistent recycling message on both retailer private label and brand-owner packaging, with information b...

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2008 World's Most Ethical Companies

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Coty Joins In Supporting Relief Effort Following Earthquake In Haiti

From csrwire.com (verified), January 28, 2010

Community Impact

Coty Inc., a leader in the global beauty industry, announced today a collective donation of $100,000 to two humanitarian organizations involved in the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

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