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frito-lay 63 87 89 83.8 +1.7 +0 102 24
daewoo n/a 75 79 82.9 +0.8 +0 62 5
sara lee n/a 85 87 81.9 -0.2 +0 54 12
kraft foods 63 80 65 81.1 -1 +0 291 73
cadbury 80 87 74 80.3 -1.8 +0 129 40
mars 50 75 88 77.1 -5 +0 64 19
nestle 68 76 80 73.2 -8.9 -1 264 70
hershey 33 41 90 51.3 -30.8 -3 36 5

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kraft foods

confectioneries, dairy, food manufacturers

In 1903, Kraft was part of a single community. That was Chicago, and J.L. Kraft had just started his own business - selling cheese to local grocers from his horse-drawn wagon. Today, we are part of hundreds of communities around the world, and we're making a difference, one community at a time.

tags: confectioneries, dairy, food manufacturers, cheese, snack, confectionery, convenience, cereals


bottled water, confectioneries, dairy

For a business to be successful in the long term it has to create value, not only for its shareholders but also for society. We call this Creating Shared Value. It is not philanthropy or an add-on, but a fundamental part of our business strategy.

tags: bottled water, confectioneries, dairy, coffee, baby food, breakfast cereals, confectionery, ice cream


confectioneries, food manufacturers

Growing value in the community is part of our heritage and integral to achieving our core purpose of working together to create brands people love.

tags: confectioneries, food manufacturers, confectionery, candy, chocolate, gum, cocoa


confectioneries, food manufacturers

To grow the best snacks on earth, we have to strive to help protect the earth. That's why, since 1999, we have reduced our use of water by 39%, natural gas by 30%, and electricity by 22% for each bag of snacks we make. We also have dedicated Green Teams at all of our manufacturing facilities who are focused on finding ways to optimize our operations and reduce our consumption of resources.

tags: confectioneries, food manufacturers, chips, pretzels, cookies, snacks


confectioneries, food manufacturers

We choose to be different from those corporations where many levels of management dilute personal responsiblity. All associates are asked to take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgment and to make decisions as required. By recruiting ethical people well suited to their jobs and trusting them, we ask associates to be accountable for their own high standards.

tags: confectioneries, food manufacturers, confectionery, snacks, candy, chocolate


confectioneries, consumer electronics, manufacturing

We, Daewoo International Corporation, are executing diverse activities contributing to society as one of the ways to practice business ethics. While spreading the culture of sharing and practicing through voluntary activities of our members, We, as a leading runner of global businesses, are striving to go beyond the basics of ethical business practices and embrace our responsibility to both local...

tags: confectioneries, consumer electronics, manufacturing

sara lee

confectioneries, food manufacturers

Sara Lee's commitment to the community is inspired by our employees, our history and our industry. We provide monetary support to selected nonprofit organizations through the Sara Lee Foundation, make product donations through America's Second Harvest, and encourage our employees to volunteer their time and talents in the community. In addition, we support the full breadth of our employe...

tags: confectioneries, food manufacturers, coffee, bread, hot dogs, baked, baking, meat, meats, body care


confectioneries, food manufacturers

At The Hershey Company, we're committed to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and do business. This commitment dates to the earliest years of our company and is a vital part both of our heritage and of who we are today.

tags: confectioneries, food manufacturers, chocolate, candy, confectionary

pepperidge farm


Together we will build the world's most extraordinary food company by nourishing people's lives everywhere, every day.

tags: confectioneries, cookies, breads, crackers, desserts

ben & jerry's

confectioneries, dairy, food manufacturers

Company co-founder Ben Cohen once said, 'Business has a responsibility to New Orleans Franchisee Project give back to the community.' Not only did that sentence make a good bumper sticker; it has inspired us over the years to think carefully about the many communities where we have a presence - and the meaningful ways we can make a contribution to their quality of life.

tags: confectioneries, dairy, food manufacturers, ice cream

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Cadbury Brings In Fairtrade Dairy Milk As Ethical Foods Prosper

From bloomberg.com (verified), July 22, 2009

Worker Treatment

Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bars will carry the Fairtrade moniker in the U.K. from this week as the world’s largest confectionary company seeks to draw consumers wanting to purchase ethically sourced products. The candy maker will pay e...

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Daewoo Targets Boom In Offshore Wind Power

From businessgreen.com (verified), August 25, 2010

Resource Management

South Korean ship building giant Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has announced that it is aiming to generate a third of its sales from wind power by 2020 as global demand for alternative energy continues to climb.

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Mars Test “sustainable” Chocolate In Boulder

From boulderreporter.com (unverified), April 26, 2010

Resource Management

On a global front of buying cocoa for its popular chocolate products that include M&M’s, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Dove and Milky Way, the private family-owned business has embarked on an ambitious goal of buying only 100 percent certified su...

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AB, Coke, Pepsi, Bacardi Advance Beverage Industry GHG Reporting Protocol

From environmentalleader.com (verified), April 15, 2010

Waste Management

Members of the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) have completed a set of protocols that incorporate both enterprise inventory and product carbon footprinting approaches for the whole industry.

in this article: pepsico, coca-cola, nestle, anheuser-busch, diageo, ocean spray, bacardi

FDA Cracks Down On Food Label Lies

From yahoo.com (verified), March 3, 2010

Mission & Values

The FDA today notified 17 food manufacturers about 22 food products that violate law because of misleading labeling. Companies that received warning letters have 15 business days to inform the FDA of the steps they will take to correct their labeling...

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From tradingmarkets.com (unverified), March 2, 2010

Resource Management

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., a South Korean shipyard, said Tuesday that its U.S. unit has won a deal to provide 10 wind power generators for US$30 million.

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From justmeans.com (verified), March 18, 2010

Waste Management

Kraft Foods, the world’s second-largest food company, takes delivery of 2,500 2010 Ford Fusions for its national sales staff

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Nature Made, Kashi, LeapFrog, Nestle Purina Partner With RecycleBank To Promote America Recycles Day

From environmentalleader.com (verified), September 30, 2010

Resource Management

Several national leading brands including Nature Made, Kashi, LeapFrog, and Nestle Purina, are partnering with RecycleBank to show new ways to reward consumers for their environmental actions, while promoting America Recycles Day on November 15. In a...

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Kraft Foods' Green Efforts Help Employees Create Recipes For Change

From csrwire.com (verified), April 22, 2010

Resource Management

Employees have created their own grassroots sustainability projects in offices and manufacturing facilities around the world. All-volunteer Kraft Foods "Green Teams" and Cadbury "Green Advocates" are taking steps to integrate sust...

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Kraft Foods Eliminated More Than 50 Million Truck Miles Since 2005 Through Focus On Transportation Sustainability Efforts

From csrwire.com (verified), November 19, 2009

Waste Management, Mission & Values

Kraft Foods is finding alternatives to trucking and making its distribution network more efficient. Since 2005, innovative sustainability projects have saved the company more than 50 million miles (80 million km) in its global transportation and dist...

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