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joule biotechnologies n/a n/a 97 92.7 +10.6 +1 30 11
sunrun n/a n/a 92 92.2 +10.1 +1 30 6
sunedison n/a 75 84 92.2 +10.1 +1 66 13
a123 systems 88 88 91 91.5 +9.4 +1 84 22
ldk solar n/a n/a 91 90.9 +8.8 +1 42 10
first solar n/a 89 85 90.6 +8.5 +1 140 44
solarcity n/a 88 90 90.2 +8.1 +0 67 14
sunpower 89 90 91 89.7 +7.6 +0 142 26
oerlikon n/a 84 85 88.8 +6.7 +0 45 6
gridpoint n/a 85 91 88.8 +6.7 +0 47 7
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alternative energy

At SunPower, we see a future where solar power is an essential component of the global energy mix. We work every day to continuously set new standards for solar performance, value, appearance and our customers' experience.

tags: alternative energy, solar cells, solar panels

first solar

alternative energy

Sustainable solar energy solutions and natural resource conservation are at the heart of First Solar's commitment to the environment.

tags: alternative energy, solar energy


alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing

In the automotive industry and the energy sector as a whole, we are seeing an important paradigm shift. While others work to develop new and competitive technologies, Ener1 is at the forefront of performance and efficiency-harnessing technologies for the automotive industry and beyond.

tags: alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing, lithium-ion batteries


alternative energy

As one of the largest solar energy companies in the world, Suntech is passionately committed to delivering alternative energy choices through lasting partnerships in order to build a brighter, sustainable future.

tags: alternative energy, solar

a123 systems

alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing

A123Systems is now one of the world's leading suppliers of high-power lithium ion batteries using our patented Nanophosphate technology designed to deliver a new combination of power, safety and life.

tags: alternative energy, clean technology, manufacturing, lithium-ion batteries


alternative energy

In 2005 Vestas presented a new vision: Wind, Oil and Gas. As No. 1 in modern energy, this vision expresses our aim to make wind energy the preferred supplement to oil and gas.

tags: alternative energy, wind turbines

brightsource energy

alternative energy, clean technology

Environmental stewardship is a core value at BrightSource Energy. Our unwavering commitment to developing clean, renewable power is guided by the principles of sustainable development and the goal of addressing climate change by making solar energy cost competitive with fossil fuels.

tags: alternative energy, clean technology, solar


alternative energy

SolarCity understands that the environmental impact of energy production is one of the greatest challenges that our planet will face in the near future, and we are committed to doing our part to alleviate this impact with solar power systems. Our mission is to make solar power the workhorse of the world's energy production, and we intend to accomplish that one installation at a time.

tags: alternative energy, solar panels, solar leasing


alternative energy, utilities

Our corporate mission is simple: To make solar services a viable and rewarding alternative to traditional energy sources.

tags: alternative energy, utilities, solar


alternative energy

Our Mission is to move towards the state where being a socially & environmentally responsible citizen is integrated within all our day to day business processes.

tags: alternative energy, wind power, wind turbines

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Xcel Shows It Can Catch The Wind In A Big Battery

From greentechmedia.com (verified), August 8, 2010

Resource Management

Xcel Energy has taken a big step toward the pot of gold at the end of the battery storage of renewable energy rainbow with the successful testing of a battery big enough to store wind power-generated electricity for 500 homes.

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Shell, Cargill Fuel Up Virent With $46M

From earth2tech.com (verified), June 8, 2010

Resource Management

For biofuels to make a dent in the U.S. fuel supply, big oil will have to get on board. Case in point: This morning biofuel startup Virent Energy Systems announced that it has raised $46.4 million from oil giant Shell and agriculture company Cargill.

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Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Receives $10.2M Contract For Concentrated Solar Power Tower With Thermal Storage Technology

From greencarcongress.com (verified), June 6, 2010

Resource Management, Health & Nutrition, Community Impact, Mission & Values

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne received an award of up to $10.2 million from the Department of Energy to design and develop technologies aimed at significantly lowering electricity costs using a Concentrated Solar Power Tower with Thermal Storage (CS...

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Heinz Cuts Energy Costs 13% At Food Processing Plant

From environmentalleader.com (verified), October 11, 2010

Waste Management

Heinz has reduced its carbon emissions by 17,000 tons since 2006 at its UK factories in Kendal, Cumbria and Kitt Green with the help of Carbon Trust, reports Food and Drink Digital.

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Intel Pumps $30M Into American Startups

From gigaom.com (verified), September 14, 2010

Community Impact

Intel has taken up a patriotic cause this year, paying special attention to promising U.S.-based companies. The company announced Tuesday four software and chip companies that have collectively received over $30 million from its Intel Capital Invest ...

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Daewoo Targets Boom In Offshore Wind Power

From businessgreen.com (verified), August 25, 2010

Resource Management

South Korean ship building giant Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has announced that it is aiming to generate a third of its sales from wind power by 2020 as global demand for alternative energy continues to climb.

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Suncor Energy Releases 2010 Report On Sustainability

From csrwire.com (verified), August 17, 2010

Mission & Values

Suncor Energy Inc. announced today the release of its 2010 Report on Sustainability - a comprehensive review of the company's environmental, social and economic performance for the year. The report, themed "Energy. Innovation. Commitment,&q...

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Mitsubishi Leaps Into The Smart Grid Game With $76M Initiative

From venturebeat.com (verified), May 17, 2010

Resource Management

Couched as a two-year experiment starting this year, the plan’s goal is to research and develop advanced technologies to revamp the grid and increase energy efficiency. Like many of its corporate peers in the game, the Japanese company is takin...

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Alcoa Howmet Reduces Carbon Footprint Of Company, Community

From environmentalleader.com (verified), April 29, 2010

Waste Management

As one of the world’s largest aluminum manufacturers, Alcoa uses massive amounts of energy in daily production, but by setting aggressive goals for waste reduction, water conservation, and now energy efficiency, it is seeking to position itself...

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Joule Closes $30 Million Funding Round To Advance Renewable Solar Fuel Production

From greencarcongress.com (verified), April 27, 2010

Resource Management

Joule Unlimited, a company advancing a process for the direct microbial conversion of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons via engineered organisms, powered by solar energy, has closed of a $30-million second round of funding. The round includes investme...

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