Written by VentureDig Jul 21, 2009 5:00pm

One line pitch

People-powered company nutrition labels


Led by Brian, Web Developer since adolescence, and Liza, marketing extraordinaire, the Project Label team brings together those passionate about the Web and social change.


Want to know how a company or product is impacting your health, community, or planet? Currently, there is no one-stop-shop for this. Typically, you would have to dig through a plethora of articles, research publications, and reports from a variety of sources to find such information.


Project Label strives to create community-powered company nutrition labels that assess companies' health, social, and environmental impacts. Project Label users can learn, discuss, and vote on how these labels should be built, based on data added by Project Label users and the Project Label team.




Consumers who want to be informed, NGOs who want to gather information for their campaigns, companies who have a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Business Model

  1. Custom reporting and consulting geared towards corporate clients,
  2. Brand and data licensing


GoodGuide, Crocodyl, Scryve


  1. Promote and gather a critical mass of quality data,
  2. Iterate on features based on user feedback,
  3. Build mobile and social network applications,
  4. Build premium custom reporting tools


Project Label wants to practice what it preaches. Just as companies profiled on the site should account for fiscal, social, and environmental impacts, Project Label wants to be a profitable company as well as create a positive social impact. Project Label's goals are to create open communication and goal alignment between consumers and products, increase corporate reporting and transparency, and increase awareness of issues related to CSR.

VentureDig's Take:

"The age of transparency is here. Consumers now have the power." I am sure you are hearing this more everyday, and Project Label is a terrific example that this is true. I love the user experience and love that it is "people powered" which is the only way it would work. The idea of "Nutrition Labels" to rate companies is really clever and makes sense. This is a great PR tool that people need to pay attention to. Two thoughts: Could this be expanded to be the Wikipedia of Consumer Reports? This would be even more valuable for smaller companies to get exposure and let their loyal customers bring them to the top. I am excited to watch this one grow!