Written by KillerStartups Jul 15, 2009 7:00pm

Quite an interesting initiative, Power Labels empowers people to give their opinion and share the insight they might have regarding different products and the social impact they have. This is accomplished via labels that are created by the consumers, businesses and organizations in order to help anybody have a clearer understanding of how reputable any product is when compared to others.

The company has the goal of producing "a new equilibrium", and motivating a new type of consumer behavior - a more responsible one, if you wish. That is so because a more active role implies the consumer will be more aware of societal considerations. Eventually, that would lead to a greater demand for socially-nurturing products.

Note that this system can be applied to items ranging far and wide: food, clothing, household items and even recreational products. In these cases, criteria like product safety are taken into consideration. The featured companies are all accessible from the main navigation menu, and there are already enough profiles featured for you to have a good overview of any type of product that might interest you.

In finishing, an initiative of its own that aims to make a healthier world come true. Pay the site a visit in order to see in which ways you could make your own contribution, and how you could best benefit from it.

In their own words

"Project Label strives to produce people-powered social nutrition labels. Just think food nutrition labels, but instead of only showing the impact on your health, our labels will show a company's social and environmental impact. Unlike many “green” labels out there, WE don't build these labels, YOU do. Using the power of the Web, we provide simple tools to allow consumers, businesses, and organizations to add, discuss, and vote on credible news, media, and research to help build our labels."

Why it might be a killer

Such an initiative empowers consumers to have a decisive role in the industry, and lets their voices be heard.

Some questions

What will it take for such a system to consolidate itself?