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From dean foods's site: "Corporate responsibility covers a wide range of activities at Dean Foods, from local volunteer initiatives to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to improving safety in our workplace. We believe that all of these efforts make us a better corporate citizen."

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rating name organization list type status
Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2009 carbon disclosure project score 89/100
Pacific Sustainability Index Scores: Consumer Food, Food Production, and Beverages Sectors 2009 roberts environmental center score 24.63/100
project label sector: dairy project label rank #7 of 8*
project label sector: food manufacturers project label rank #21 of 26*

*companies with at least 20 votes

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Friends And Enemies Of Your Right To Know

From (unverified), August 23, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Product Safety, Community Impact, Mission & Values

"In recent weeks, several public interest groups, including the Organic Consumers Association, Cornucopia Institute,, and Natural News, have pointed out the gross hypocrisy and greed of large food and beverage corporations which prof...

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Dean Foods And Thermo King Introduce Advanced Eco-Friendly Technology For One Of Nation's Largest Refrigerated Transportation Fleets

From (unverified), June 22, 2010

Resource Management

Dean Foods, the nation's largest dairy processor and owner of one of the largest refrigerated direct-store delivery distribution networks in the food and beverage industry, today unveiled a delivery vehicle equipped with a new prototype truck re...

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Chicago Tribune Exposes Dean Foods/Horizon Organic's Bogus Claim That That Their Cows Are Pastured

From (unverified), November 15, 2009

Health & Nutrition, Animal Treatment, Mission & Values

Critics of Horizon, including two former workers, say the empty pastures are emblematic. The dairy's new management, installed a year ago, has been so obsessed with increasing production to meet the soaring demand for organic milk that it has mo...

in this article: dean foods, horizon organic

Dean Foods Named Outstanding Corporation By Greater Dallas Chapter Association Of Fundraising Professionals

From (verified), October 23, 2009

Community Impact, Mission & Values

The Association of Fundraising Professionals - Greater Dallas Chapter, with presenting partner Communities Foundation of Texas, proud partners in philanthropy, will honor Dean Foods as Outstanding Corporation, sponsored by Constant Contact, at the 24...

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Organic Vs. Natural - Dean Foods Wants Both

From (verified), July 15, 2009

Health & Nutrition

Dean Foods, the nation's largest producer of certified organic dairy products, announced this week that it will create a lower priced "natural" brand to compliment its current organic brands.

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Pacific Sustainability Index Scores: Consumer Food, Food Production, And Beverages Sectors 2009

From (verified), May 25, 2009

Mission & Values, Resource Management

This report is an analysis of the voluntary environmental and social reporting of companies on the Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 Consumer Food, F...

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US Food Manufacturer Cautioned Over Processing Practices

From (verified), March 4, 2009

Product Safety

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent a warning letter to Dean Foods Company citing serious deviations from manufacturing regulations regarding low-acid canned food at one of its facilities.

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