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From kraft foods's site: "In 1903, Kraft was part of a single community. That was Chicago, and J.L. Kraft had just started his own business - selling cheese to local grocers from his horse-drawn wagon. Today, we are part of hundreds of communities around the world, and we're making a difference, one community at a time."

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rating name organization list type status
CSR Index 2009 boston college center for corporate citizenship rank #8 of 50
SmartWay Excellence Award Winners 2009 environmental protection agency group member
Working Mother Best Companies 2009 working mother magazine group member
Pacific Sustainability Index Scores: Consumer Food, Food Production, and Beverages Sectors 2009 roberts environmental center score 34.9/100
The Earthsense 35 greenbiz group member
The Most Respected U.S. Companies 2008 boston college center for corporate citizenship rank #5 of 50
100 Best Corporate Citizens 2008 corporate responsibility officer group member
Corporate Equality Index 2008 human rights campaign group member
project label sector: confectioneries project label rank #4 of 10*
project label sector: dairy project label rank #2 of 8*
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Friends And Enemies Of Your Right To Know

From (unverified), August 23, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Product Safety, Community Impact, Mission & Values

"In recent weeks, several public interest groups, including the Organic Consumers Association, Cornucopia Institute,, and Natural News, have pointed out the gross hypocrisy and greed of large food and beverage corporations which prof...

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More Than 20,000 Kraft Foods Employees Volunteer, Make A Delicious Difference During Global Week Of Service

From (verified), October 28, 2010

Community Impact

From the Middle East to the Midwest - and in hundreds of local communities in between - Kraft Foods employees volunteered in record numbers during this month's Delicious Difference Week, the company's annual week of community service.

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Non-profit KaBOOM! Names Kraft Foods Foundation National Partner

From (verified), October 5, 2010

Community Impact

Since 2007, national non-profit KaBOOM! has worked with iconic Kraft Foods' brands such as Kool-Aid beverages and Oscar Mayer meats. Now, Kraft Foods Foundation has become an official National Partner of KaBOOM!.

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Kraft Foods, U.N. World Food Programme And KaBOOM! Join Forces To Celebrate Play And Fight World Hunger

From (verified), September 13, 2010

Community Impact

Kraft Foods today launched a worldwide initiative to celebrate play and fight world hunger. Through an app on Kraft Foods' corporate Facebook site (, the company is encouraging consumers to upload photos of people at ...

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Kraft Foods Brings The Face Of Hunger Directly To Its Employees

From (verified), August 2, 2010

Community Impact

As part of its ongoing commitment to fight hunger, Kraft Foods is bringing Michael Nye's acclaimed portraits of hunger in America directly to its employees. This special exhibit of photographs of Americans who don't have adequate access to ...

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Kraft Foods Announces Plans To Double The Amount Of Whole Grain In Nabisco Crackers

From (verified), July 27, 2010

Health & Nutrition

Kraft Foods announced plans today to significantly increase the whole grain content in its leading Nabisco cracker brands, more than doubling the amount of whole grain currently used across the Nabisco portfolio.

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Kraft Cuts Waste 30 Percent; Nine Plants Hit Zero Waste

From (verified), July 8, 2010

Resource Management

Through a combination of recycling, waste-to-energy projects, composting and turning food scraps into animal feed, Kraft Foods has cut its waste by more than double its original goal.

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Cadbury Won't Dare Milk Fair Trade Gong

From (unverified), June 18, 2010

Mission & Values

National Green Brands Forum, Melbourne: CADBURY has scored a coup by winning ethical accreditation for its flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk brand, but it won't be telling consumers, for fear of a cynical backlash.

in this article: kraft foods, bp, cadbury, australian paper, etiko

Kraft Foods Foundation And Feeding America Deliver A Fresh Food Oasis To Our Nation's Food Deserts

From (verified), April 29, 2010

Community Impact

For many families facing financial troubles and struggling to put dinner on the table, help is hard to find. In this country, we're hearing more each day about the growing problem of "food deserts" -- rural and urban communities where ...

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Kraft Foods Announces Support Of National Salt Reduction Initiative

From (verified), April 26, 2010

Resource Management

Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT) announced its support today of the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI).

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Serving Size 1 world (6.6 billion ppl)
Impact Per Serving
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