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From dell's site: "Through aggressive energy-efficiency programs, virtualization and power-management solutions, and industry-leading recycling, we are providing ways to protect the environment, reduce CO2 output and reduce costs."

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rating name organization list type status
EPA Top 50 Green Power Purchasers 2009 environmental protection agency rank #6 of 50
Guide To Greener Electronics V14 greenpeace score 3.9/10
ForestEthics Naughty/Nice List 2009 forestethics custom nice
Brand Emissions Leaders haymarket group member
Greenpeace Cool IT Challenge Round 2 greenpeace score 23/100
Guide to Greener Electronics v13 greenpeace score 4.7/10
Green Rankings 2009: Top 20 newsweek rank #2 of 500
Working Mother Best Companies 2009 working mother magazine group member
Guide to Greener Electronics v12 greenpeace score 3.9/10
Greenpeace Cool IT Challenge Round 1 greenpeace score 21/100
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Articles about Dell ?

Decent Cheaper Laptop With Replaceable Battery

From (unverified), July 30, 2013

Going to the local computer, office supply, and big box stores it seems like all of the newer laptops have non-replaceable batteries. I'm looking for a 14" machine that is straight Intel so it will run Linux easily, but I can't find an...

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Buy DELL Latitude D820 Battery Canada Shop

From (unverified), September 24, 2012

Product Safety

Replacement laptop battery for Dell Latitude D820 was designed specifically for your Dell NOTEBOOK COMPUTER and built to meet or exceed OEM's specification.

in this article: dell, laptop battery, latitude d820

Dell Latitude D610 Battery By Battery Aussie

From (unverified), September 24, 2012

Product Safety

new Dell Latitude D610 battery from battery aussie isbrand new, 100% Compatible original Dell Latitude D610 battery and DELL Latitude D610 laptop battery.

in this article: dell, laptop battery, latitude d610

New Li-ion Dell Latitude D630 Battery Aussie Gadget

From (unverified), August 17, 2012

4400 mAh Dell Latitude D630 battery is specifically designed for Dell Latitude D630 laptop. We offer a complete line of replacement Dell batteries and compatible replacements for almost all laptop models.

in this article: dell, battery, latitude d630

Hi-Quality Dell INSPIRON 1720 Battery Aussie Gadget

From (unverified), August 17, 2012

Product Safety

We focus on bringing the best replacement Dell Inspiron 1720 battery sales to our customers and desire our customers can buy their satisfying Dell batteries, the Li-ion 6600mAh 11.1V Dell Inspiron 1720 battery on sales will be the perfect replacement...

in this article: dell, battery, inspiron 1720

Best Dell Latitude D630 Battery From CA Shop

From (unverified), July 5, 2012

Dell Latitude D630 Battery - We offer high quality Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Battery with low price. The Latitude D630 Notebook Battery is designed to meet or exceed the original. Brand New, 1 Year Warranty!

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Replacement Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery, Rechargeable Li-on Laptop Battery For Dell Inspiron 1525

From (unverified), October 14, 2011

If you plan to place your battery for Dell inspiron 1525 in storage, be sure to have the charge at 40% and stored in the fridge (not freezer) for maximum battery longevity. Do not setting a metallic object on your Rechargeable Dell inspiron 1525 batt...

in this article: dell, laptop, battery, inspiron1525

Dell Commits To Giving $10 Million Towards Education Technology Initiatives In 2011

From (verified), September 22, 2010

Community Impact

Dell announced today its commitment to give $10 million in cash and Dell technology towards education technology initiatives in 2011 in connection with the United Nations Private Sector Forum on the Millennium Development Goals. More than 70 percent ...

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From Education To The Environment, Dell's Latest Corporate Responsibility Report Spotlights Progress Against Company's CR Initiatives

From (verified), August 31, 2010

Mission & Values

Dell announced the progress it's made against its social responsibility, philanthropic and environmental stewardship initiatives today with the release of its fiscal year 2010 corporate responsibility summary report.

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Dell To Sponsor 2010 SRI In The Rockies Conference

From (verified), August 26, 2010

Mission & Values

SRI in the Rockies, the largest and longest-running conference for the sustainable and responsible investing industry in the world, today announced that Dell is a Benefactor Sponsor of the 21st annual SRI in the Rockies Conference.

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