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From mcdonald's's site: "Our founder, Ray Kroc, built McDonald's on a foundation of ethical business conduct and involvement in our local communities. McDonald's owner/operators and company-operated restaurants fulfill these vital commitments every day in many ways."

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25 Top Companies for Leaders 2009 (North America) fortune rank #5 of 25
Top 60 Diversity Elite 2009 hispanic business rank #47 of 60
World's Most Ethical Companies 2009 ethisphere group member
100 Best Corporate Citizens 2009 corporate responsibility officer rank #87 of 100
2008 World's Most Ethical Companies ethisphere group member
project label sector: fast food project label rank #3 of 5*
project label overall project label rank #156 of 162†

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At McDonald’s, CSR Is Everybody’s Business

From (verified), September 13, 2010

Mission & Values

At McDonald’s recent inclusion and diversity benchmarking event, Senior Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility Kathleen Bannan began her presentation with a statement that will resonate with several regular readers of this space: “CS...

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Ronald McDonald House Adds Solar Power In San Diego

From (verified), July 1, 2010

Resource Management

Ronald McDonald House Charities, which supports families with seriously ill children at local hospitals, has installed a 116-kW roof-mounted photovoltaic solar electric system at its facility in San Diego to create a sustainable environment and to of...

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McDonald's Recalls 12 Million Toxic Shrek Cups

From (verified), June 6, 2010

Product Safety

McDonald's has recalled 12 million drinking glasses tied into the new Shrek movie because the paint on them contains the toxic metal cadmium.

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McDonald’s Board Opposes Cage-Free Eggs For U.S.

From (verified), April 13, 2010

Animal Treatment

The board of directors of McDonald’s has recommended that the company’s shareholders vote against a proposal to require that 5 percent of the eggs purchased for the chain’s restaurants in the United States be the cage-free variety.

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McDonald’s And The Sustainability Of Smoothies

From (verified), March 16, 2010

Mission & Values, Resource Management, Health & Nutrition, Community Impact

Jamie Mitchell, Managing Director of innocent drinks, discusses the fast food company’s advances in corporate sustainability, as well as its shortcomings.

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McDonald's Reports On Advances In Sustainable Food Supply, Nutrition And Well-Being And Environmental Practices

From (verified), January 26, 2010

Health & Nutrition, Community Impact, Worker Treatment, Mission & Values, Waste Management, Resource Management

McDonald's Corporation today issued a report outlining its latest global best practices in the areas of sustainable supply chain, nutrition and well-being, environmental responsibility, employment experience, community and corporate governance a...

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McDonald's Contributes To Disaster Relief Efforts In Haiti

From (verified), January 14, 2010

Community Impact

To help the victims of Haiti's devastating earthquake, McDonald's Corporation today announced a donation of $500,000 USD to be matched with donations from Arcos Dorados, the company that operates nearly 1,700 McDonald's restaurants in ...

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McD’s, KFC, BK Pondering Solar Thermal HVAC Systems

From (verified), January 12, 2010

Resource Management

Restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King may be considering new solar thermal powered dehumidifier HVAC systems.

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McDonald's Promises To Tackle Burping Cows

From (verified), January 11, 2010

Waste Management

McDonald's has teamed up with rural environmental consultancy Eco2 Project, which will visit all 250 farms by the end of April and offer advice on how to curb cattle emissions.

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PETA Asks McDonald's To Switch To Less Cruel Chicken Slaughter Method

From (verified), December 17, 2009

Animal Treatment

PETA has submitted a shareholder resolution that challenges the fast-food corporation to act to lessen the cruelty suffered by the chickens who end up in its meals. PETA wants the company to order its suppliers to switch to a less cruel method of chi...

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