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From rwe's site: "RWE is aware of its responsibility to the environment and to society. Sustainable development is both the underpinning and the goal of everything we do. We want to win back through transparency and through our own involvement whatever confidence we have lost. By 2015 at the very latest, we want to rank among the drivers of sustainable development in Europe."

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Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2009 carbon disclosure project score 83/100
Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2008 carbon disclosure project group member
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project label overall project label rank #82-tie of 162†

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RWE, BASF And Linde Report New Solvents For CO2 Capture Reduce Energy Input By 20%

From (verified), September 5, 2010

Waste Management

RWE, Linde and BASF report that tests in a pilot plant at RWE’s Niederaussem power station near Cologne of new chemical solvents for capturing carbon dioxide from flue gas reduce the required energy input by about 20%. (Earlier post.) The new s...

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RWE And Siemens Team Up To Deliver Giant Welsh Offshore Wind Farm

From (verified), June 6, 2010

Resource Management

The UK's offshore wind energy revolution continued today with news that RWE and Siemens have formed a joint venture to begin work on the planned 576MW Gwynt y Môr wind farm off the coast of North Wales.

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RWE Launches Green Bonus Scheme For Executives

From (verified), April 22, 2010

Resource Management

European energy giant RWE AG, parent of UK energy firm Npower, has today become the latest blue-chip firm to tie sustainable development to executive bonuses as part of a new remuneration scheme.

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German Energy Giants Announce Plans For First UK Nuclear Reactor

From (verified), March 30, 2010

Resource Management

The UK's plans for a new fleet of nuclear reactors took a major step forward today when Horizon Nuclear Power, a joint-venture backed by German energy giants E.ON and RWE, confirmed plans to build the UK's first new nuclear reactor in decad...

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RWE Power, BRAIN To Cooperate On Conversion Of CO2 To Microbial Biomass Or Biomolecules

From (verified), January 4, 2010

Resource Management, Waste Management

German companies RWE Power and biotech firm BRAIN AG (Biotechnology Research And Information Network) are collaborating on research to convert carbon dioxide into microbial biomass or molecules. The two want to equip micro-organisms with new enzymes ...

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RWE Innogy Contracts Daewoo To Build Specialist Ship For Construction Of Offshore Wind Farms

From (verified), December 7, 2009

Resource Management

RWE Innogy has awarded Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd, (DSME) a contract to build a specialist ship for the construction of offshore wind farms. The contract also includes the option for two further identical co...

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Heliatek Gets $27M For Organic Solar Production

From (verified), November 30, 2009

Resource Management

The German company said it raised the second-round from venture capital firms such as Wellington Partners, RWE Innogy Ventures, BASF Venture Capital, as well as industrial giant Bosch. Heliatek plans to use the money to build a factory in Dresden to ...

in this article: bosch, rwe, basf, heliatek, wellington partners

Renault Partners With RWE On EVs For Germany

From (verified), September 16, 2009

Waste Management, Worker Treatment, Resource Management, Mission & Values

Renault and German electric utility RWE signed a cooperation agreement to create a large-scale zero-emissions individual transport and travel system in Germany. The objective is to establish electric cars as a viable and attractive transport solution...

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Big Oil And Clean Coal: Shell Joins CCS Group In U.K.

From (verified), August 13, 2009

Mission & Values, Resource Management, Waste Management

Royal Dutch Shell said today that it was joining a consortium to compete for government money to build the country’s first commercial-scale clean-coal plant. The consortium includes Scottish Power (owned by Iberdrola) and National Grid. Germany...

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