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From macy's's site: "As a company, Macy's, Inc. believes in giving back to our local communities. Our contributions, leadership and volunteer efforts help create stronger, healthier places to work and live."

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macy's's Ratings Summary ?

rating name organization list type status
ForestEthics Naughty/Nice List 2009 forestethics custom nice
Top 60 Diversity Elite 2009 hispanic business rank #14 of 60
Top 20 Annual On-site Green Power Usage 2009 environmental protection agency measure 10400 mWh
America's Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities 2008 rank #48 of 50
Corporate Equality Index 2008 human rights campaign group member
project label sector: jewelry project label rank #4 of 5*
project label sector: retail project label rank #14 of 30*

*companies with at least 20 votes

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Macy’s Boosts Plans To Reduce Energy Use, Waste

From (verified), October 13, 2010

Resource Management

Macy’s has plans to add another solar energy installation on the roof of one its facilities, replace traditional incandescent light bulbs in 86 Macy’s department stores with new LED bulbs, and eliminate bottled water at its facilities, as...

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Home Depot, Macy’s, Wal-Mart Try FutureMark Recycled Paper

From (verified), August 3, 2010

Resource Management, Waste Management

Home Depot, Macy’s, Walmart, Whole Foods and American Eagle Airlines’ in-flight magazine “Latitudes” have signed contracts in the first half of 2010 with FutureMark Paper Company, which says it is the only North American manuf...

in this article: wal-mart, whole foods, american airlines, macy's, home depot

Reading Is Fundamental And Macy's Launch Book A Brighter Future

From (verified), June 30, 2010

Community Impact

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) and Macy's have teamed up to launch the fifth year of Book A Brighter Future™, RIF's largest customer supported campaign held at Macy's stores nationwide. The funds raised through Book A Brighter Futu...

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Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, JC Penney, And Others, Agree To Limit Lead In Handbags

From (verified), June 6, 2010

Product Safety

More than 40 major apparel retailers and vendors, including Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, and JC Penney have agreed to set new industry standards that limit lead in handbags and other fashion products as part of a $1.7 million settlement with t...

in this article: target, jc penney, macy's, kohl's

Macy's Loves Go Red For Women With INC's 'Little Red Dress'

From (verified), January 13, 2010

Health & Nutrition, Mission & Values

Macy's continues to show its love for the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement, by announcing the launch of the INC International Concepts "Little Red Dress." Since 2004, Macy's has raised more than $21 mill...

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ForestEthics Naughty/Nice List 2009

From (verified), December 9, 2009

Waste Management, Resource Management

A scorecard on the catalog and direct mail industry. Receiving holiday-themed scores of Naughty, Nice, or Checking Twice, 21 companies, including comp...

in this article: timberland, dell, american express, jpmorgan chase, bank of america, citigroup, patagonia, hsbc, jc penney, capital one, macy's, ...

Schneider Helps Macy's Trim 'Empty' Shipping Miles

From (verified), October 12, 2009

Waste Management

A program that reduces the number of shipping trailers that travel empty on return routes has saved Macy's thousands of dollars while also cutting diesel fuel consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions. Macy's partnered with trucking ...

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Top 60 Diversity Elite 2009

From (verified), September 4, 2009

Worker Treatment, Mission & Values

The factors for determining the Diversity Elite 2009 involve more than 32 variables that measure a company's commitment to Hispanic hiring, promotion,...

in this article: pepsico, coca-cola, ibm, mcdonald's, ford, kellogg, at&t, wal-mart, american express, jpmorgan chase, intel, ...

Top 20 Annual On-site Green Power Usage 2009

From (verified), July 7, 2009

Resource Management

The following Top Partner Rankings highlight the annual green power purchases of leading organizations within the United States and across individual ...

in this article: bmw, wal-mart, safeway, johnson & johnson, macy's, kohl's, kimberly-clark, calportland, sierra nevada brewing company

America's Top Organizations For Multicultural Business Opportunities 2008

From (verified), February 1, 2009

Worker Treatment, Community Impact, Mission & Values

Over 650,000 women and minority owned businesses had the opportunity to vote in the online election. The election was conducted in a secure Internet e...

in this article: pepsico, coca-cola, ibm, nike, dell, at&t, honda, wal-mart, toyota, shell, cisco, ...

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Serving Size 1 world (6.6 billion ppl)
Impact Per Serving
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