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From dupont's site: "As a science company, DuPont has the experience and expertise to put our science to work in ways that can design in - at the early stages of product development - attributes that help protect or enhance human health, safety and the environment."

tags: manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, rubber, nylon

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rating name organization list type status
Sustainable Value Creation by Chemical Companies sustainable value rank #4 of 7
EPA Top 50 Green Power Purchasers 2009 environmental protection agency rank #23 of 50
Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2009 carbon disclosure project score 80/100
Working Mother Best Companies 2009 working mother magazine group member
Covalence Ethical Ranking 2008 covalence rank #10 of 10
Corporate Green Power Top Partners 2008 environmental protection agency rank #19 of 20
U.S. Climate Action Partnership Members u.s. climate action partnership group member
Working Mother 100 Best Companies Hall of Fame 2008 working mother magazine group member
Toxic 100 Index political economy research institute rank #1 of 100
Corporate Equality Index 2008 human rights campaign group member
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Buying The Vote On G.M.O.’s

From (verified), October 23, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Community Impact

Supporters of ingredients derived from “genetically modified foods,” which hereafter I’ll call G.M.O.’s — genetically modified organisms — are mostly the chemical companies who make them or other people who make mo...

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Farmer Debunks Corporate Propaganda Against Proposed Law To Label Genetically Modified Food

From (unverified), August 27, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Product Safety, Community Impact, Mission & Values

"Let's be clear. Whether you're a farmer in California or Vermont, or India or Brazil, GMO crops are nothing but trouble. Factor in the cost to the environment, and the cost - and pain - to consumers in related healthcare expenses, GMO...

in this article: pepsico, coca-cola, dow chemical, dupont, monsanto

12 New GM Crops Up For USDA Approval

From (unverified), August 15, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Product Safety, Community Impact, Mission & Values

"USDA claims that the new [GMO approval] fast-track process allows for earlier input from the public to improve the quality of its environmental analyses. But according to a USDA press release, the new process is a part of efforts by the Secret...

in this article: dupont, basf, monsanto, syngenta, dow

DuPont’s Environmental Competency Leader On Product Stewardship

From (verified), October 20, 2010

Mission & Values

Mark Hause, DuPont’s Environmental Competency Leader, discusses his company’s product stewardship process.

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DuPont Mulls A Move Into Solar Panels

From (verified), October 11, 2010

Mission & Values

DuPont is contemplating ways to move into the market for building integrated photovoltaic panels, according to a spokesman. Chatter began after Tom Connelly, DuPont's chief innovation officer, said the company is "interested in moving beyon...

in this article: dupont

DuPont And USDA Team Up To Tackle Emerging Food Safety Threat

From (verified), August 4, 2010

Health & Nutrition, Product Safety

A new joint project between DuPont Qualicon and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) aims to develop testing to detect hard-to-identify strains of E.coli that are not regulated and have been causing increasing instances of food contamination.

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Ecolab And DuPont Poised To Launch New Anti-microbial Film

From (verified), July 2, 2010

Product Safety

Ecolab and DuPont have said their new non-food contact anti-microbial coating for processors will reduce the risk of contamination from mould and a range of pathogenic bacteria on a wide range of surfaces for up to 30 days.

in this article: dupont, ecolab

Honeywell, DuPont Team Up On More Climate Friendly Auto Refrigerant

From (verified), May 24, 2010

Waste Management

DuPont and Honeywell are teaming up to manufacture an automobile air conditioning refrigerant that has a miniscule amount of the global warming potential (GWP) of current refrigerants.

in this article: dupont, honeywell

DuPont Process Could Drop Price Tags On Crisper, Eco-friendly OLED TVs

From (verified), May 17, 2010

Resource Management

DuPont says it has devised a new manufacturing process that can churn out even very large television displays at very high volumes, which would lower the overall costs for everyone involved. The process in question prints the OLED cells — self-...

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DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Expanding Bio-PDO Production In Tennessee

From (verified), May 9, 2010

Resource Management

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC, a joint venture between DuPont and Tate & Lyle, recently announced an expansion to their Loudon, Tenn., facility to increase production of bio-based 1,3 propanediol (Bio-PDO) by 35%. Construction is sched...

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Serving Size 1 world (6.6 billion ppl)
Impact Per Serving
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