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From johnson & johnson's site: "We estimate that the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies touches more than a billion people's lives each day through our health care products and services, our corporate giving and the volunteer efforts of our employees. We're part of the daily rituals people follow to care for themselves and their families. We help doctors and nurses care for patients, heal the sick and restore the joy of good health. And we support non-profit organizations throughout the world in advancing the health and well-being of those in need."

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rating name organization list type status
EPA Top 50 Green Power Purchasers 2009 environmental protection agency rank #10 of 50
Pacific Sustainability Index Scores: Pharmaceuticals 2009 roberts environmental center score 52.87/100
CSR Index 2009 boston college center for corporate citizenship rank #5 of 50
Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2009 carbon disclosure project score 83/100
Green Rankings 2009: Top 20 newsweek rank #3 of 500
Working Mother Best Companies 2009 working mother magazine group member
Top 20 Annual On-site Green Power Usage 2009 environmental protection agency measure 11626.9 mWh
2009 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity diversityinc rank #1 of 50
2009 Global Green 100 uptime institute group member
America's Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities 2008 rank #17 of 50
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*companies with at least 20 votes ,†companies with at least 100 votes

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Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, As Flu Vaccines Are Suspended Across Europe And Canada

From (unverified), November 6, 2012

Product Safety, Mission & Values

A unit of U.S. drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, recently suspended delivery of their seasonal flu vaccine, Inflexal V, destined for Italy and other European countries, after discovering “problems” with two of 32 lots Two weeks ago Italy b...

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J&J Beats Goals For Cutting Carbon Emissions, Water Use, Waste

From (verified), September 29, 2010

Waste Management

Johnson & Johnson is reporting double-digit reductions in carbon emissions, water use and waste, exceeding environmental goals in six areas while being on track with 2010 targets in another four key categories.

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Johnson & Johnson Completes Largest Solar Panel Array In NJ

From (verified), September 22, 2010

Resource Management

The 4.1 megawatt solar photovoltaic array of 13,496 ground-mounted panels tracks the sun from east to west, and is estimated to generate enough energy to provide 70 percent of the site’s annual electricity needs, or roughly the amount needed to...

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AmeriCares Honors Johnson & Johnson With Power Of Partnership Award

From (verified), June 7, 2010

Community Impact

AmeriCares has awarded its annual Power of Partnership Award to the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies for its longstanding support of AmeriCares emergency response work and ongoing medical assistance programs around the world.

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Children's Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Zyrtec Recalled

From (verified), May 3, 2010

Product Safety

If you have a sick child at home, there's a long list of over-the-counter medicines you should avoid. More than 40 varieties of infant and children’s liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and Zyrtec were recalled late Friday because of manufact...

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Johnson & Johnson Details HQ’s Energy Saving Aspects

From (verified), April 7, 2010

Resource Management

Representatives of Johnson & Johnson discuss some energy saving and environmental aspects of the firm’s New Brunswick, N.J., headquarters. The building was renovated to LEED standards. The building has more than 800 solar panels that have h...

in this article: johnson & johnson

EPA Top 50 Green Power Purchasers 2009

From (verified), January 25, 2010

Waste Management, Resource Management

The Green Power Partnership works with a wide variety of leading organizations - from Fortune 500 companies to local, state and federal governments, a...

in this article: sony, pepsico, starbucks, dell, wal-mart, motorola, ing, cisco, amd, intel, staples, ...

Tylenol Recalls More OTC Medications Over Moldy Odor

From (verified), January 15, 2010

Product Safety

The maker of Tylenol, Motrin, Rolaids, St. Joseph, Benadryl and other over-the-counter medications is recalling certain lots of those drugs following consumer complaints of an unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like odor that, in a small number of cases...

in this article: johnson & johnson

Tylenol Arthritis Pain Reliever Recalled; What To Do

From (verified), December 29, 2009

Product Safety

Consumer complaints of nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea from certain Tylenol Arthritis pain caplets have prompted McNeil Consumer Healthcare to recall all of the 100-count bottles of the product with a red "EZ-OPEN" cap.

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Pacific Sustainability Index Scores: Pharmaceuticals 2009

From (verified), December 15, 2009

Mission & Values

This report is an analysis of the voluntary environmental and social reporting of companies on the Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals ...

in this article: roche holdings, merck, johnson & johnson, glaxosmithkline, genzyme, bristol-myers squibb, eli lilly, pfizer, astrazeneca, novartis, schering-plough, ...

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