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From virgin group's site: "Today's heightened interest in the role of business in society has partly been prompted by increased sensitivity to and awareness of environmental and ethical issues. Issues such as environmental damage and the improper treatment of workers have been highlighted in the media and the pressure on business to play a role in social and environmental issues is bound to grow. At Virgin we share our customers' growing concern. We have not only a huge responsibility but also an excellent opportunity to make a difference through our businesses."

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What Goes Up Must Come Down, The Sorry State of Recycling in the Airline Industry green america custom B-
Brand Emissions Leaders haymarket group member
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group sustainable aviation fuel users group group member
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Virgin, Continental Fly High In Green Airlines Rankings

From (verified), June 3, 2010

Waste Management

Greenopia today released its latest rankings of the airline sector, finding wide differences among how many environmental initiatives airlines are undertaking, with room for improvement the only consistent element.

in this article: virgin group, continental airlines

What Goes Up Must Come Down, The Sorry State Of Recycling In The Airline Industry

From (verified), February 22, 2010

Resource Management

In What Goes Up Must Come Down, The Sorry State of Recycling in the Airline Industry, Green America ranks 11 major airlines on their recycling efforts...

in this article: jetblue, british airways, virgin group, american airlines, us airways, southwest airlines, continental airlines, united airlines, delta, airtran

Brand Emissions Leaders

From (verified), November 25, 2009

Mission & Values, Waste Management, Resource Management

The Brand Emissions Leaders Project aims to provide an annual rating of the carbon performance of the leading brands operating in the UK. In 2009, it ...

in this article: nokia, ibm, nike, levi strauss & co, bmw, dell, general motors, l'oreal, wal-mart, general electric, ikea, ...

Business Leaders Against Human Trafficking

From (verified), November 18, 2009

Community Impact, Mission & Values

Business leaders speak out against human trafficking.

in this article: gap, manpower, virgin group

Processors Under Spotlight As Food Ingredient Suspected In Listeria Outbreak

From (verified), August 6, 2009

Product Safety

Airline Virgin Blue confirmed that chicken wraps served on some of its internal and international flights during a two-month period earlier this year were under investigation by health authorities in the state of Queensland. One report suggested that...

in this article: virgin group

British Airways Joins Sustainable Fuels Group

From (verified), July 13, 2009

Resource Management

Since its launch in the fall of 2008, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group has established a foundation of airlines, environmental organizations, research projects and practices and principles that can help accelerate the commercialization and a...

in this article: british airways, air france, virgin group, air new zealand, cathay pacific, alaska airlines

Virgin Media Inc Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2009

From (unverified), July 8, 2009

Mission & Values, Product Safety, Worker Treatment

The report explains how the company has identified its CR priorities, described very simply as ‘Powerful Stuff’, and set 20 specific targets for improved performance. It also describes how Virgin Media is prioritising its responsibilities...

in this article: virgin group

Four Airlines Push To Include Aviation In Future Climate Treaty

From (verified), February 17, 2009

Waste Management

Air France/KLM, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and airport operator BAA have created the Aviation Global Deal (AGD) Group to lobby for a sectoral approach to climate change that reduces emissions while satisfying its own set of key ...

in this article: british airways, air france, virgin group, cathay pacific

Virgin America Carbon Offsets Sold Via In-flight Entertainment System

From (verified), January 21, 2009

Waste Management

Virgin America is now offering passengers the ability to offset their carbon footprint from traveling via the airline’s seatback in-flight entertainment system, which it calls Red. It will be the first domestic airline to do so, Virgin said.

in this article: virgin group

Virgin America Partners With Carbonfund.Org To Launch Carbon Offsets

From (verified), December 4, 2008

Waste Management

As part of a continuing effort to implement innovative environmental sustainability practices, Virgin America, the California-based airline, has partnered with , the nation's leading nonprofit carbon offset provider, to allow trav...

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