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From ebay's site: "In the words of our founder, Pierre Omidyar, eBay was created to be a "force for good". And in fact, our core businesses have a positive impact around the world. From breaking down geographic barriers to generating economic opportunity, eBay, PayPal and Skype are doing good in over 190 countries."

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EBay Launches Program To Sell, Recycle Electronics

From (verified), October 24, 2010

Resource Management, Community Impact

Online auctioneer eBay is launching a site today that gives its users a convenient way to sell or responsibly recycle their old cellphones and other mobile devices.

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How Facebook, EBay Improve Energy Efficiency In Data Centers

From (verified), October 18, 2010

Resource Management

Better airflow management helps improve energy efficiency and cut electricity costs in data centers according to one tip shared by Facebook and eBay, reports Computerworld.

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EBay Gives Away 100K Reusable Green Shipping Boxes To Sellers

From (verified), September 2, 2010

Resource Management

First was the Cradle to Cradle-certified shipping box, and now comes something different. eBay has just announced a new promotion, the "eBay Box," that is designed to be reused, sent from eBay seller to buyers, and then sent further along, ...

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EBay Unveils $287M, Energy-Saving Data Center In Utah

From (verified), May 28, 2010

Resource Management

eBay’s new $287-million Topaz data center in Utah is now officially open, housing the company’s core businesses — and The data center is 50 percent less expensive to operate than the average of all other data c...

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EBay, Starbucks Launch Green Marketing Efforts Around Rainforest

From (verified), March 9, 2010

Resource Management

eBay has launched two green initiatives aimed at positioning itself as a conservationist in the eyes of consumers. The online marketplace has unveiled a new green shopping hub that will help consumers find millions of green products, and launched its...

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EBay Highlights Conservation As A Benefit Of Buying Used

From (verified), March 7, 2010

Resource Management

Want to do your part to save the environment? Buy a leather handbag. That is the message eBay is pushing with a new green shopping site and ad campaign. On the site,, and in the ads, eBay makes the case that buying something used is as...

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World Of Good Inc. Sells Brand And Related Assets To EBay; Wholesale Division Acquired By GreaterGood/Charity USA

From (verified), February 25, 2010

Community Impact, Worker Treatment

eBay's acquisition of the brand results from a two-year long collaboration between the two companies that led to the development of by eBay, the world's largest multi-seller marketplace for socially and environmentally respo...

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Coke, EBay, Google, Wal-Mart Buy Bloom Fuel Cells

From (verified), February 25, 2010

Resource Management

A host of major U.S. companies are becoming customers of the new Bloom Energy Server, which was kept from the public eye until its official Feb. 24 launch but has been in use for at least 18 months at various test sites.

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Why EBay Is A Green Giant

From (verified), February 16, 2010

Resource Management

eBay sells $2,000 worth of junk previously-owned merchandise per second, says Amy Skoczlas Cole, head of the eBay Green Team. "Barely used is as good as new" is how the company puts it in commercials like this one. Or, as she says: "Th...

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BICEP Members

From (verified), December 6, 2009

Mission & Values, Waste Management, Resource Management

BICEP's members believe that climate change will impact all sectors of the economy and that various business perspectives are needed to provide a full...

in this article: starbucks, nike, levi strauss & co, timberland, clif bar, gap, sun microsystems, symantec, stonyfield farm, seventh generation, ebay, ...

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