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From hershey's site: "At The Hershey Company, we're committed to making a difference in the communities where we live, work and do business. This commitment dates to the earliest years of our company and is a vital part both of our heritage and of who we are today."

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2009 Global Green 100 uptime institute group member
project label sector: confectioneries project label rank #10 of 10*
project label sector: food manufacturers project label rank #24 of 26*

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How A Corrupt Dietitians' Group Has Taken Over Nutrition Advice In America

From (verified), August 10, 2012

Health & Nutrition, Community Impact, Mission & Values

"The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is engaged in a turf war over the right to give nutritional advice -- and sell it to the highest bidder."

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Hershey Accused Of Child Labour In Cocoa Sourcing

From (verified), September 15, 2010

Community Impact

A report from a coalition of NGOs has said that Hershey trails some of its competitors on human rights, with forced and child labour present in some of the cocoa plantations it sources from.

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Hershey's Aims For Efficiency's Sweet Spot With First CSR Report

From (verified), September 14, 2010

Mission & Values

Since 2007, Hershey's has saved $3.9 million a year due to a range of energy improvements at its manufacturing plants and distribution centers. In its first corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, Hershey's touches on some of the work...

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2009 Global Green 100

From (verified), February 19, 2009

Waste Management, Resource Management

The purpose of the list is to identify and provide global recognition for those companies that demonstrate an integral commitment to and progress towa...

in this article: sony, nokia, ibm, dell, mitsubishi, at&t, motorola, american express, jpmorgan chase, anheuser-busch, cisco, ...

The Hershey Company And Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell Team With Sir Elton John And Billie Jean King To Raise Money For Fight Against HIV/AIDS

From (verified), August 24, 2005

Health & Nutrition, Community Impact

The Hershey Company and Governor Edward G. Rendell teamed up today with Sir Elton John and Billie Jean King to bring pro tennis to Hershey, Pa. to raise money in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Serving Size 1 world (6.6 billion ppl)
Impact Per Serving
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