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From's site: " does more than pay lip service to the concept of giving back to the community. The company puts its money-and its time-where its mouth is. With our innovative 1% model, we're integrating our business and our community (worldwide) by giving 1% each of our time, equity, and profit. This concept of corporate citizenship sets us apart in the type of talent we attract-people who are well-rounded, hard-working, and compassionate; who value the pledge we have made to social responsibility; and who are dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities."

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World's Most Ethical Companies 2009 ethisphere group member
2008 World's Most Ethical Companies ethisphere group member
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Organizations Call For Greater Open Innovation To Advance Sustainability: GreenXchange Supported By Best Buy, Creative Commons, IDEO, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Nike, NGenera, Outdoor Industry Associat

From (unverified), January 27, 2010

Mission & Values, Resource Management

Today, 10 leading organizations announced the launch of the GreenXchange (GX), a Web-based marketplace where companies can collaborate and share intellectual property (IP) which can lead to new sustainability business models and innovation.

in this article: nike,, yahoo, best buy, ideo

Tech And Internet Giants Step Up To Help Haiti

From (verified), January 15, 2010

Community Impact

Google is responding to the disastrous earthquake in Haiti with a $1 million donation that will go to organizations “on the ground that are rescuing those still trapped and providing clean water, food, medical care, shelter and support to those...

in this article:, google, facebook, t-mobile, zynga, skype, godaddy

World's Most Ethical Companies 2009

From (verified), May 27, 2009

Mission & Values

Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies ranking provides companies a chance to be recognized for their efforts in ethics and compliance. The winne...

in this article: pepsico, starbucks, nike, bmw, mcdonald's, dell, kellogg, toyota, general electric, ikea, american express, ... Foundation Announces 2008 Global Grant Recipients

From (verified), July 22, 2008

Community Impact, Mission & Values

These grants represent the impact of's 1/1/1 integrated corporate philanthropy Model where 1% of employee time, 1% of the company's equity, and 1% of the company's product are delivered to nonprofits. Recipients were cho...

in this article:

2008 World's Most Ethical Companies

From (verified), June 3, 2008

Mission & Values, Community Impact, Waste Management, Resource Management

The World's Most Ethical Companies are the ones that go above and beyond legal minimums, bring about innovative new ideas to expand the public well be...

in this article: pepsico, starbucks, nike, bmw, mcdonald's, timberland, kellogg, dole, honda, general electric, ikea, ...

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