Guide to Finding Articles

If you would like to help us build our labels by finding relevant articles to add to our site, you can follow one of our following strategies for finding articles.

Top-Down Approach

In this approach, you will begin with a large news Web site or news aggregator such as or google news (see below for a good list of news sources). From here, just look for relevant sub-sections of the Web site. For general news sites, you might want to start in the Business section. If you are lucky, the site will have a specific section for corporate social responsibility news. Some may call it corporate activity, or corporate leadership, or corporate responsibility. From here, just browse through recent news and look for company names in the title or summary as well as issues related to corporate social responsibility.

It is also good to note that many sites have RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to particular sections of a news site. You can add this to one of many personalized news aggregators such as iGoogle, Pageflakes, or Bloglines to easily keep track of recent news.

Bottom-Up Approach

Another (and probably more efficient) approach is a bottom-up approach. This means you begin with a company or product in mind, and search for it on different news sites. For example, you can search specifically for “Coca-Cola” or “soda” on a news site's search bar. If the site does not have a search function or has a poor search function, you can use google to search through it. For example, you can search for Coca-Cola stories on by typing “ Coca-Cola” into google.

List of CSR News Sources

Note that these lists are in the process of being updated.

List of General News Sources

List of News Aggregators

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