Choosing Articles

Choosing the right articles to add to our site is critical for the quality and integrity of our data and product. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing articles:

  1. Does this site look credible?
    We encourage our users to add articles from well-known and established sites. Generally blogs and small unestablished sites do not fall under this category. For a list of recommended sites, see our Guide to Finding Articles.

  2. Is the author of the article objective?
    We encourage articles that are written by authors who do not hold any type of bias for or against the company written about. This would include articles written about a company by an employee or competitor of a that company. Personal blogs and op-eds are also discouraged.

  3. Is the article recent?
    We want the information about the companies on our site to reflect what the companies have been doing recently. Companies and leadership change over the years and what a company was 5 years ago is not necessarily the same as what it is today. A general rule of thumb is to add articles that were written in the last 18 months.

  4. Is the article about a company's actions related to social or environmental impact?
    The subject matter of the article must be relevant to a company or companies' actions related to social or environmental impact. This will allow users to vote on how that company makes an impact on the relevant issues. For a list of topics, please see our Guide to Reading Our Labels.

  5. Is the article about what a company has done or what the company will do?
    It is important to choose articles that report what a company has done rather than what it will do. Companies that say they will be doing something doesn't guarantee that they will do it.

  6. Is the article about a company or companies?
    We currently do not support articles about individuals, non-profit organizations, governmental institutions, or issues. An article must be about a company that has been incorporated in its respective country.

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