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Tomorrow's value Rating (ICT)

Tomorrow's value Rating (ICT)
by two tomorrows

community impact, mission & values, waste management, resource management

The Tomorrow's Value Rating of the world's largest information and communications technology (ICT) companies shows that sustainability leaders such as Vodafone, Nokia, HP and France Telecom are developing products and services to support the world's response to climate change. The results of the Rating reflect the broader trend of ICT companies showing sustainability leadership.


  • Strategy: Alignment between sustainability efforts and core business strategy, and management of major sustainability impacts, opportunities and risks.
  • Governance: Quality of top-level governance of sustainability issues.
  • Engagement: Extent to which stakeholder concerns are understood and acted on.
  • Value Chain: Management of impacts through the value chain from suppliers to distributors, including the lifecycle of products.
  • Innovation: Effectiveness of work to develop products and services that address social and environmental challenges in a profitable and scalable way.

tags: electronics & computers

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