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Portfolio 21 Top 10 Green Companies 2010

Portfolio 21 Top 10 Green Companies 2010
by portfolio 21

mission & values, resource management

For the past 10 years, Portfolio 21 has searched the world and invested only in companies with an explicit commitment to environmental business practices, such as designing ecologically superior products, using renewable energy, developing efficient production methods, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Business Model: The company's business model is adapting to gain competitive advantages within ecological constraints.
  • Impact of Products/Services: The company understands the ecological impact of its products and/or services and has taken significant steps to reduce those impacts.
  • Investments: The company has demonstrated an environmental commitment through its investments.
  • Leadership: The company's management understands the magnitude of the ecological crisis and views environmental sustainability as a major business opportunity.
  • Environmental Management: The company's environmental management system helps identify and address environmental impacts and liabilities, develop action plans and procedures, and establish environmental accounting practices.
  • Resource Efficiency: The company is doing more with less by efficiently using and re-using resources.
  • Environmental Risks & Liabilities: Climate destabilization is among the greatest ecological risks we face, and the associated liabilities pose a threat to investors as well as the world.
  • Other Issues: We exclude companies with negative performance in the areas of employee relations, human rights, community involvement, or product safety, as well as those with significant business activities in nuclear energy, tobacco, gambling, or weapons.

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