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BICEP Members

BICEP Members
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BICEP's members believe that climate change will impact all sectors of the economy and that various business perspectives are needed to provide a full spectrum of viewpoints for solving the climate and energy challenges facing America. BICEP's goal is to work directly with key allies in the business community and with members of Congress to pass meaningful energy and climate change legislation that is consistent with our core principles.


  • Set short- and long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Stimulate green job growth
  • Adopt national renewable energy standard
  • Capture vast energy efficiency opportunities
  • Boost investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage technologies
  • Establish cap-and-trade system with 100% auction of carbon allowances
  • Encourage transportation for clean energy economy
  • Limit construction of new coal plants to those that capture and store CO2
  • Assist developing countries in adapting to climate change and reducing carbon emissions

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