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Brand Emissions Leaders

Brand Emissions Leaders
by haymarket

mission & values, waste management, resource management

The Brand Emissions Leaders Project aims to provide an annual rating of the carbon performance of the leading brands operating in the UK. In 2009, it has ranked over 600 brands divided into 31 sectors. To be a Brand Emissions Leader a brand must pass the following criteria.


  • Delivered absolute carbon emissions reductions over the last year or a longer period OR
  • Delivered emissions intensity reductions of greater than 2.5% per year over the last year or a longer period OR
  • A sector-leading (best 10%) carbon emissions intensity
  • Absolute carbon emissions reduction target above 1.7% per year OR
  • Carbon emissions intensity target above 4.2% per year OR
  • A sector-leading (best 25%) carbon reduction target
  • Brand Emissions Leaders have publicly reported their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions for at least 2007/08 against an accepted standard, and publish their targets

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