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Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing 2nd Edition

Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing 2nd Edition
by sustainable value

waste management, resource management

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how efficiently the various vehicle manufacturers use their economic, environmental and social resources compared with their industry peers.


  • How much Sustainable Value does a company create?: In the final step, the task is to assess whether the company has by and large used the given set of economic, environmental and social resources to create value.
  • Which resources are used by the company in a value-creating way (and which are used in a value-destroying way)?: In this step the value contribution of the various resources is determined.
  • Does the company use its resources more effiently than the benchmark?: In this step the resource efficiency of the company is compared with that of the benchmark.
  • How efficiently does a company use its resources?: In this step, the efficiency of the use of various resources in the company is evaluated.
  • How efficiently does the benchmark use the resources?: In this step the benchmark is established, and then the efficiency of its resource use is assessed.

tags: automobile

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