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CRO Responsible CEO of the Year Awards 2009

CRO Responsible CEO of the Year Awards 2009
by corporate responsibility officer

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For three reasons, this 2nd-annual CRO's Responsible CEO of the Year Award is different than any other business honor. First, it recognizes individual CEO expertise in articulating the common good and then convincing thousands of others to make a good business out of it. Second, it's a trophy for leadership in progress, because perfection in Corporate Responsibility is a goal that's always moving just beyond our grasp. And third, it reflects the professional chauvinism of the corporate responsibility- obsessed editorial team at CRO Magazine, the only publication solely focused on the four professional domains in Corporate Responsibility-GRC, sustainability, CSR and philanthropy.


  • scope of the impact of the nominee: have this person's CR initiatives made larger-scale revenue, profit or size of population served relative to the other potential nominees?
  • out-front role taken by the nominee: has this person truly put him or herself at personal risk if the initiative fails more than other potential nominees?
  • each category has its own criteria: large, mid-cap and small companies must be public, non-profits must be on, corporate foundations must be members of CECP, and social entrepreneurs must fit one of three types listed in The Power Of Unreasonable People by John Elkington

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