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2008 Green Brands Index

2008 Green Brands Index
by outlaw consulting

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  • Outlaw Consulting surveyed 100 of its most forward trendsetter panelists living in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, asking them for a list of their favorite "green brands" - that is, companies they like and see as making efforts to help the environment. We also asked them what these companies were doing to be green, and why it resonates.

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I don't really understand what this is. How am I supposed to say how this effects my ideas about these companies when even when I go to the website it tells me nothing about how these companies got on the list other then some "trendsetters" like them. Do these trend setters know anything about what these companies actually do? And it claims that they asked these people why they choose these companies, yet I can't seem to find these explainations anywhere.

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