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Green Rankings 2009: Bottom 20

Green Rankings 2009: Bottom 20
by newsweek

mission & values, waste management, resource management

NEWSWEEK collaborated with three research partners to compile the rankings, whose goal was to assess each company's actual resource use and emissions and its policies and strategies, along with its reputation among its peers. The 500 companies included in the ranking are the largest U.S. companies as measured by revenue, market capitalization and number of employees. These are the bottom 20 companies of 500.


  • Environmental Impact Score: based on data compiled by Trucost, is a comprehensive and standardized quantitative performance measurement that captures the total cost of all environmental impacts of a corporation's global operations. Over 700 variables are summarized in the EIS. This figure is normalized against a company's annual revenues, so that companies of all sizes and industries can be compared.
  • Green Policies Score: derived from data collected by KLD, reflects an analytical assessment of a company's environmental policies and performance. Its scoring model captures best-in-class policies, programs and initiatives, as well as regulatory infractions, lawsuits and community impacts, among other indicators.
  • Reputation Score: is based on an opinion survey of corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals, academics and other environmental experts who subscribe to CEOs or high-ranking officials in all companies on the Newsweek 500 list were also invited to participate.

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