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Top 60 Diversity Elite 2009

Top 60 Diversity Elite 2009
by hispanic business

worker treatment, mission & values

The factors for determining the Diversity Elite 2009 involve more than 32 variables that measure a company's commitment to Hispanic hiring, promotion, marketing, philanthropy, and supplier diversity.


  • Supplier Diversity: Support or sponsorship of supplier-development programs, executives involved with supplier diversity, incentives tied to supplier diversity, and procurement goals.
  • Marketing & Community Outreach: Marketing and advertising to reach Hispanic consumers, as well as involvement in and expenditures on philanthropic or community services that benefit minority groups.
  • Recruitment: Efforts to hire from minority groups, including Hispanics, and outreach efforts at colleges and universities.
  • Board & Leadership: Hispanic and other minority representation on the board of directors and at the executive level.
  • Retention & Promotion: Efforts to support, retain, and promote Hispanic and other minority employees through incentives, employee support groups, executive training, and diversity awareness and sensitivity training.

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