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UtiliQ Ranking

UtiliQ Ranking
by idc energy insights

resource management

The UtiliQ rankings is a list of the top 25 intelligent utilities based on a detailed analysis of utility company performance for five different metrics. The ranking was developed to separate the "smart grid hype" from reality, and to provide a way for utilities to benchmark their intelligence and measure progress against their stated goals and objectives.


  • Productivity: An intelligent utility is an efficient utility (measured by revenue per employee).
  • Renewable energy: An intelligent utility has a commitment to renewable energy as part of its resource portfolio (measured by renewable energy sales, renewable energy customers and renewable capacity).
  • Smart initiatives: An intelligent utility makes investments in developing smarter grids (measured by smart meter deployments and other smart grid projects).
  • Demand response/energy efficiency (DR/EE): An intelligent utility allows consumers to manage their energy usage and costs (measured by the availability of energy efficiency, demand response and load management programs).
  • IT investment: An intelligent utility invests in information technology to enable business process improvement (measured by IT spending as a percent of revenue and on a per employee basis).

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