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2008 World's Most Ethical Companies

2008 World's Most Ethical Companies
by ethisphere

mission & values

The World's Most Ethical Companies are the ones that go above and beyond legal minimums, bring about innovative new ideas to expand the public well being, work on reducing their carbon footprint rather than contributing to green washing and won't be found next to the words "Billion Dollar Fine" in newspaper headlines any time in the near future. These are the companies that stand out among the competition in their industry.


  • 15% : Internal systems and ethics/compliance program
  • 5% : Industry leadership
  • 15% : Executive leadership and tone from the top
  • 20% : Legal, regulatory, and reputation track record
  • 15% : Innovation that contributes to public well being
  • 10% : Corporate governance
  • 20% : Corporate citizenship and responsibility

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Based off their description of the requirements, "wont be found next to the words 'Billion Dollar Fine'" I have to say it surprises me and makes me question the legitemacy of this ranking when McDonalds is on the list.

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