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The Most Respected U.S. Companies 2008

The Most Respected U.S. Companies 2008
by boston college center for corporate citizenship

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The Global Pulse 2008 is the third annual study of the reputations of the world's largest companies. The study was developed by Reputation Institute to provide executives with a high-level overview of their company's reputation with consumers. In total, more than 150,000 ratings were used to create reliable measures of the 'corporate reputation' of more than 1,000 companies. Additionally, respondents provided information on what drives these feelings rating companies' performance along the seven dimensions of reputation.


  • Performance: What is the perception of the company's financial performance and the prospects for future growth?
  • Workplace: Are employees treated fairly and paid a decent wage? Does the company invest in developing employee skill sets and career opportunities?
  • Leadership: How do stakeholders perceive the leaders and management competences of the company? Does the company appear well organized with a clear vision for the future?
  • Citizenship: Does the company contribute positively to its surrounding community in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion?
  • Products/Services: Do stakeholders think highly of the products and services the company provides? Are products and services associated with quality and value? Does the company stand behind its products?
  • Innovation: Is the company perceived as innovative and skilled to meet market changes? Does the company regularly introduce new products?
  • Governance: Is the company business run in a fair and transparent fashion? Do stakeholder associate the company with high ethical business standards?

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