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Global Challenges Index 2008

Global Challenges Index 2008
by oekom research

community impact, mission & values, waste management, resource management, animal treatment

The Global Challenges Index comprises companies which are actively facing up to this responsibility and have made substantial, forward-looking contributions to surmounting the global challenges.


  • Poverty: Contributions to reducing vulnerability, supporting economic independence and improving education and access to information
  • Population Development: Contributions to dealing with demographic change and/or population explosion
  • Biodiversity: Contributions to the protection and preservation of species diversity
  • Deforestation: Contributions to the sustainable management of forests and forestry products (wood, paper)
  • Drinking Water: Contributions to the supply, processing and distribution of drinking water
  • Climate Change: Contributions to dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change
  • Governance: Contributions to preventing corruption and bribery and to improving corporate governance in the economy

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