How Project Label Works

Step I: Companies Do Things

Whether good or bad, companies do things that have an impact on our communities and our planet. This can be anything from removing trans-fat from their food to starting a scholarship program in their community to reducing (or increasing) their carbon emissions.

Companies Do Things

For sake of example, we will use a fictional company called Happy Cows who just announced that they now use 100% recycled paper for all their milk cartons

Step II: People Report It

Reporters, journalists, writers, bloggers, researchers, analysts, students, you name it. When companies do things that are worth writing about, they are likely written about.

People Report It

A journalist from a fictional news publication called CSR News does a story about Happy Cows and their efforts for creating a environmentally sustainable product

Step III: You Find It

You may be browsing today’s news, doing a research project for school, or just being a good citizen. But if you find an interesting article that has to do with a company or companies’ social or environmental impact, you can simply add it to our site.

You Find It

Browsing through the news, you find the article and add it to the Project Label Web site.

Step IV: Project Label Users Vote On It

After you add the article to our site, other users can read the article and vote on how it will affect the companies’ social nutrition labels.

Project Label Users Vote On It

Contributing users on the Project Label Web site read the added article and vote on how it will affect the Happy Cow’s Social Nutrition Label

Step V: Your Votes Generate Social Nutrition Labels

As you add votes, you will slowly see the companies’ social nutrition labels change according to how you voted-- hence people-powered nutrition labels!

Your Votes Generate Social Nutrition Labels

Your votes will change the Happy Cow’s Social Nutrition Label over time. In this case, its “Resource Management” score will likely increase.

Step VI: You Use These Labels When Consuming

If you’re ever standing in your local supermarket wondering how product A stacks up against product B, you can use the generated social nutrition labels as a helpful guide. You can also track the impacts of your purchasing decisions.

You Use These Labels When Consuming

The next time you are shopping for milk, you can use our labels to help you decide which brand to buy.

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